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It’s that time of the year again -- the streets are bustling with shoppers, the aroma of scented candles fills the air, and Christmas carols play all day long. Merrymaking is everywhere, but no one’s complaining!

An event-filled December means lots of catching up with friends and relatives you haven’t seen in awhile, so you definitely want to look your best. Take the opportunity to reward yourself with these beauty indulgences brought to you by the team behind beauty service booking app, Vaniday. Ps: keep reading to find a special treat below just for you!



Eyelash extensions aren’t an everyday thing for most of us, but there’s every reason to get them during the festive season, especially if you need that extra 'oomph' to go with your flashy Christmas outfits. Imagine taking mascara application and eyelash curling out of your makeup routine, and still have voluminous, long lashes -- it’s the one time you can actually say “I woke up like this” proudly.

Highbrow is a leading brow and lash specialist that offers three lash services: Lash by Lash, Cluster, and Korean Cirrus extensions. Each one creates a specific look to suit the different styles of customers. Lash by Lash involves the attachment of individual strands to each real eyelash, which creates a natural look best for ladies going for a simple enhancement.

Cluster lashes are for those who love all eyes on them -- they can really boost your drama factor, with a bunch of strands attached to each eyelash for a fuller and more voluminous look. Korean Cirrus is a mix of both, and is perfect for sexy mamas that ooze sophistication. To tailor the lash extensions to suit you even more, the beautician designs the best lash configuration for you based on your eye shape.