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However cliché it may sound, fashion and fashion (yes, another fashion) are the two things that I have been always interested since I was a child. It is through fashion that I am able to express my creativity, convey my emotions, and communicate my creativeness to the world. So being at this season's Philippine Fashion Week was an amazing experience for me. 

For the fashion-obsessed, experiencing the show is important as it gives you a deeper insight into the whole story of the collection and the concept that the designer had envisioned. It was definitely more intense and more personal than just going through pictures online or seeing the clothes on store racks.

I was so blessed that I was given a Media Passes, it was a “Golden Ticket” according to a blogger friend I met online. I got to experience being ushered and sitting on the 3rd row and even standing at the last row from the last show due to its jam-packed audiences.