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If you're worried you've missed the mark to try things you've never done before because January 1 is long gone, don't fret. The Chinese New Year is just as great an opportunity to start working on the things you've been shying away from, including a change in how you look. It can be as grand as overhauling your entire wardrobe, or something as liberating as donning a new hairstyle.

How about playing with colour? Taking a cue from the Chinese's lucky color, red, is practical – but you're not taking the big plunge for something that's been done before, are you? We say, pastel is the path to take. Pastel became a phenomenon last year, and it's not surprising that the hype has been carried over this year. Not only are pastel colors nice to look at, they also complement Asian skin well, giving already beautiful faces an even more radiant glow.

Now, it's only practical that you think about the damage going for a pastel hair color can do to your hair. So it's important that you choose a product that is free from ammonia, which breaks the hair's integrity. With the L'Oréal Professionnel INOA #PastelistheNewRed Chinese New Year Collection, you can rest easy knowing that you will achieve the color of your new year without the damage. Plus, there are four super fun colours that fit different personalities to choose from.


INOA Pastel Rose

If fun is your favorite 'F' word, this hair color is just right for you. Designed for the sporty girl-next-door, the Pastel Rose shade gives off an approachable, easy-going vibe.

INOA Pastel Lavender

Created with girl bosses in mind, the Pastel Lavender shade is perfect for sophisticated go-getters who have the right mix of femininity and spunk.