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All that recycled cabin air coupled with a potential climate change when you land in your holiday destination can cause serious damage to your skin. From a dry, dehydrated mess to a dull-looking complexion, the possibilities of distressed skin are endless whenever you're on a holiday.

Luckily, sheet masks exist – travel-friendly face masks created to soothe or treat any skin issues, leading them to become in-flight and vacation must-haves ever since. So if you’re heading someplace where you know your skin might suffer this holiday season, we round up the best sheet masks you should bring on your upcoming trip.


Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Treatment Mask

Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Treatment Mask, USD5 (

It’s like getting a hydrating facial, but for lesser cost and time. The Leaders Aquaringer Treatment Mask is a cult favourite among travellers for three reasons: it’s affordable, provides intense nourishment and instant relief, and minimises fine lines. What more can you ask from a “cheap as chips” sheet mask that packs a punch?

Sephora Collection Rose Face Mask

Sephora Collection Rose Face Mask, USD6 (

We all know how hectic tour schedules, dry cabin air, and lack of sleep can affect our skin. That is why if you’re in need of a brightening mask that gives your skin a boost of hydration too, we recommend the Sephora Collection Rose Face Mask. With natural rose, rice, and broccoli extracts, your complexion will look and feel plumped up, refreshed, and more luminous in 20 minutes or less.