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Hidden locations, new cuisines, historical landmarks, and one-of-a-kind works of art; these are just a few of the things you can discover and explore when travelling. However, travelling is pricey – the more beautiful and popular a location is, the more it costs to get there! Which is why when it comes to discounts and savings, you have to know the right time to book or reserve your tickets.

And just like tickets, reserving or booking for hotels is a tricky thing too as they have peak seasons. Luckily, thanks to new data collected by TripAdvisor, we now know the least expensive times to book a hotel when going on a trip!

So if you're heading to a new location soon and want to "pinch a few pennies", here are the times when you should book your hotels for a fuss-free travelling experience!



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For cities such as Bangkok, Mumbai, and Hanoi, by booking within 3 months of your trip, you can get a 16 % to 17% discount! Or if you’re heading over to Beijing or Jakarta, book your hotel room for the former within 2-6 months to save 16%; and for the latter, if you book within 3 months before your trip, you can get discounted prices up to 39%! Amazing, right?

(photo from Instagram/@tripadvisor)

If you’re planning to visit the Merlion in Singapore or go makeup shopping in Tokyo’s numerous drugstores, better reserve your room 2 weeks to 5 months ahead of your trip to save 26% to 31% on your total! But if you’re going to the western side of Asia, specifically to Dubai, better reserve your room 2 months ahead of your trip to save up to 40% since their hotel rooms are known to be the second most expensive in the world!