• It Bags of 2012 :: Givenchy Antigona Bag

  • by ZaraVoss on 7 March,2012 12:18 pm

It Bags of 2012 :: Givenchy Antigona Bag
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  • ZaraVoss7 Mar 2012

    What probably has been the most-spotted bag of the year, the Givenchy Antigona is a luxurious and spacious duffel that has taken the fashion scene by storm. Available in two sizes, the Antigona’s colours change every season and the design gets updated little by little too – giving all bag-lovers something to covet. Celeb fans include Khloé Kardashian, Zoe Saldana, Amanda Seyfried and, as seen above, Nicole Richie.

  • shopaholicmrs8 Mar 2012

    Classic shape! A good investment piece!

  • JenifferGangan8 Mar 2012

    Won't go out of style:) classic beauty:)

  • MariaLagare9 Mar 2012

    looks made in high quality and heavenly color

  • NelLys9 Mar 2012


  • ayehnrompal11 Mar 2012

    wow! super love the color and the simple design. :)

  • eilin1011 Mar 2012

    Love it's sleek design!![smile]

  • devinatalia12 Mar 2012

    love the blue ocean color.

  • Sussy_10076512 Mar 2012

    Blue is my favorite color....

  • maricarlosantas12 Mar 2012

    i like the color.. hope to have one.. (",)

  • OrlinaGoh12 Mar 2012

    like the ocean blue bag![wink]

  • periwinkle13 Mar 2012

    The color is very eye-catching! I hope to own one in the future!

  • pinzzz13 Mar 2012

    love the colour ! ^__^

  • PinkZebra15 Mar 2012

    this bag is so gorgeous![love]

  • Rerney15 Mar 2012

    I love the Blue!

  • Cjongredge198116 Mar 2012

    not only gorgeous,,it's also edgy...

  • juli120216 Mar 2012

    elegant.. love this!

  • eyna1116 Mar 2012

    simple, classy, elegant. love it.

  • sherlinkhs16 Mar 2012

    Elegant!! I love this colour...

  • shuhaila18 Mar 2012

    love the color..

  • mirisabelc19 Mar 2012

    i love the aqua color but i would love to have the black version as well! =)

  • melndrums21 Mar 2012

    Givenchy bags are so chic and practical

  • zarema22 Mar 2012

    a handbag to wear with nice casual clothes.

  • JoyTabadura22 Mar 2012

    love the color..and big fashionable bag is what i really love!!!

  • darkprinzessin23 Mar 2012

    I can totally put lots of stuff in there [teeth]
    I would say this is a functional bag. However, it's not just functional, it has a simple yet vibrant style radiated through the colour. Hope I can have it!

  • Harminder23 Mar 2012

    Its just so perfect[teeth]

  • wen311623 Mar 2012

    I just luv the colour ~ nothing to say but just go to get one [money]

  • apple23 Mar 2012

    The royal blue Antigona is too pretty as well!

  • suntannedchic1124 Mar 2012

    im inlove with the black version of this bag! it looks very simple but it has that edgy feel to it! hail givenchy!

  • fashme2926 Mar 2012

    I super like you Givenchy Antigona...

  • courfeylia30 Mar 2012

    simple... but still... ELEGANT!!!

  • sofiahamdi14 Apr 2012

    nice colour with elegant and stylist combinations.. prefect bag..[smile]

  • mcstan200315 Apr 2012

    Nice colour and shape[smile2]

  • RoseSambo20 Apr 2012

    i like all the bags plus the colors !!

  • CARRYL21 Apr 2012

    wow so nice!! love it :)

  • elliya881 May 2012

    it's brilliant because it's big and you know how girls are with their big bags ;)

  • NorulFarhana3 May 2012

    i love the bag.. some more the design is suitable with my clothing.. how much it cost [bigsmile]

  • mayjinn3 May 2012

    bluish bag with big space which just like an ocean with luxurious combination..great one.hahaha =)

  • LiPhengTang9 May 2012

    great shape and beauty colour , can i have it???[bigsmile]

  • rubbishbong11 May 2012

    omg.. super chic & edgy!! me want!! >.

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