• My First Balenciaga City that I treated Myself ;D

  • by Jojono5 on 14 February,2012 12:21 pm

My First Balenciaga City that I treated Myself ;D
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  • Jojono514 Feb 2012

    it was the first Balencaiga that i bought with my own savings! for me, it was a great achievement! :D the rose gold hardware goes well with the hot pink leather, giving this bag a chicky yet classy look! just love it!

  • carmstony16 Feb 2012

    It looks so beautiful especially when you buy something from your own savings! Hard earned money's the best!!!

  • tripleyi21 Feb 2012

    And i'm sure it's gonna be your last! Love the rose gold hardware!

  • Jojono527 Feb 2012

    thanks girls!
    oh, it wil not be my last balenciaga! previously had one and im aiming for another! :D

  • RockSugar11 May 2012

    Congratulations! This is definitely a great investment! [smile]

  • walltowallph28 May 2012

    sooo nice! i love your watch too!

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