• It Bags of 2012 :: Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag

  • by ZaraVoss on 7 March,2012 12:18 pm

It Bags of 2012 :: Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag
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  • ZaraVoss7 Mar 2012

    Functional and chic, the EASY BAG is YSL’s take on the iconic duffel – and is nothing short of genius! The versatile bag comes in two sizes and a variety of colours and materials finished with “Y” logos inlaid on both sides, adding a discrete charm to the bag and to an overall outfit. There’s little wonder why celebrities like Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan and the great Lady Gaga has been constantly spotted with this remarkable It Bag.

  • shopaholicmrs8 Mar 2012

    This is definitely a must have bag! I love it!

  • TalaCanete8 Mar 2012

    Oh, how I wish I'll own one. ;)

  • JenifferGangan8 Mar 2012

    Functional and chic, lovvvvvvveeeeetttttt!

  • MariaLagare9 Mar 2012

    mmmm nice... its a new design to see [smile2]

  • Deasyirawaty9 Mar 2012

    i love this bag...looks glamour....

  • NelLys9 Mar 2012


  • mira_bumblebee10 Mar 2012

    I like the one that Lady Gaga use rather than the gold one.

  • Sussy_10076512 Mar 2012

    wow....nice color bag...i like it....

  • KateYong12 Mar 2012

    Cool~~ LIke it so much

  • marissa_lim12 Mar 2012

    Love it so so much, it's a great bag! [love]

  • pinzzz13 Mar 2012

    gold n shine ^^[love]

  • aizzing15 Mar 2012

    so shiny and chic!

  • Rerney15 Mar 2012

    A must have! [good]

  • Cjongredge198115 Mar 2012

    It's shiny and shimmer therefor It's fabulous..

  • juli120216 Mar 2012

    a must have bag :)

  • eyna1116 Mar 2012

    love the black bling version. really rocks on

  • sherlinkhs16 Mar 2012

    Gorgeous! must have it.

  • wicketbasket19 Mar 2012

    all about the versatility and function! a bag for all seasons. love it!

  • hadiraf0320 Mar 2012

    ermmm speachless. so rock

  • SuezanWong22 Mar 2012

    it's very very important to have it..[smile2]

  • JoyTabadura22 Mar 2012

    very fashionable...love it...!!!

  • helge_catabas23 Mar 2012

    i like it very much... gold is always a trend.. gold for all season..

  • helge_catabas23 Mar 2012

    i love the sporty style.. and having a convertible style was really nice. hope to have this one.. it fits to my personality... sporty but classic!!!

  • malathy24 Mar 2012

    lady gaga and me!

  • blinglady24 Mar 2012

    added to my wish list !! [love]

  • suntannedchic1124 Mar 2012

    i love this bag especially the style gaga is carrying! very edgy =)

  • fashme2926 Mar 2012

    chic and sassy!

  • millyeo30 Mar 2012

    my kind of bag, large with great functionality

  • wendygirl13 Apr 2012

    Unique and personalized design for your to choose, great [bigsmile]

  • Janetsplai13 Apr 2012

    I like this color, shinning, shinning.

  • wendygirl14 Apr 2012

    Personalized style and easy to match clothing.

  • sofiahamdi14 Apr 2012

    handy, cool and classic.. nowaday style..[good]

  • Hayatinoor15 Apr 2012

    bling bling so sweet

  • sakinahag15 Apr 2012

    i like this colour and it look glamour..i must have one[love]

  • mcstan200315 Apr 2012

    love to have it....cool[bigsmile]

  • susanagriparooney17 Apr 2012

    pretty cool!..... looks good on any occasion ......[secret][sweatdrop]

  • noeryzismael17 Apr 2012

    Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag outlook gives Lady Gaga "Poker Face" cuz she just "Born This Way"..[secret] "Paparazzi" check out http://www.clozette.co

  • maris82318 Apr 2012

    YSL Easy Bag...looks sporty yet fashionable

  • minyeye22 Apr 2012

    cool and gorgeous!

  • sheere26 Apr 2012

    this is sooo me!i would really like to have it! [love]

  • ivy152126 Apr 2012

    nice bag

  • mayjinn3 May 2012

    cool colours and it seems like waterproof bags..[cool]With a "Y" logos on the bag,it makes people feel YOUNG..lol

  • EileenLee3 May 2012

    Oooo.... I can just feel the Gaganess in me strolling down the street with this bag. Another great addition to my bag collections. ^_^

  • LiPhengTang9 May 2012

    look soft soft soft....touch my heart!!!

  • intoxicidepink14 May 2012

    This bag is really the IT BAG of 2012! Even Lady Gaga brings it around!!! :D Love the fact that it's really roomy and easy to match with many outfits! Even a flamboyant outfit like Lady Gaga's can match it![teeth]

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