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tapos na Valentine's day pero dahil bida ang sawi ♥ ito para sayo bes -> https://athreeleafclover.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/when-its-over/ (or click... Read more →

Happy ladies with our latest haul @supersalebazaar ♥ and thank you @shoptriftmarket for our GC's. Everything on sale till tomorrow at The World... Read more →

Smiling in awe and contentment ♥. Managed to post about my travel last year - https://athreeleafclover.wordpress.com/november-2016-macau/... Read more →

ang bilis ng araw! next week February na!😱 still working on my blog but almost done!Hope to post it before the Month ends!🐢(And promise to post... Read more →

"The best way out is always through" 👊 my 2017 mantra 🙍! I will be willing to learn and to fail ✨, to love and get hurt🔄.to wait,to... Read more →