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10 Foods That May Cause Skin Inflammation

Moderation is key

Waking up in the morning to a huge zit on your face can suck. Especially as you then spend the next 10 minutes wondering what may have caused this terrible flare-up. The answer could lie in your diet. has found some of the foods that may be causing this skin inflammation.

Vegetable Oils

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Omega-6 fatty acids in vegetable oil can help boost skin and hair growth, but too much of it can cause havoc to our digestive system. This increases the risk of inflammation on the skin. Instead, opt for other oils rich in omega 3 or 6 – like olive and canola oil – to balance it out.

Refined Carbohydrates

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Refined carbs get absorbed into our body quickly, which can result in a spike in our blood sugar level. This in turn causes inflammation. So swap your white rice or bread to wholegrain variants.

High Calorie Yoghurt

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Remember to always check the label, ladies! Yoghurt is a healthy food source - but if it’s packed with sugar and preservatives (like most store-bought yoghurts), it could do more damage than good.


Some of you may be allergy to aspartame, an artificial sweetener commonly found in sugar-free foods. This sugar substitute may cause your body to react negatively and trigger inflammation.

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