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For some, painting the nails is therapeutic. For others, it can be a nerve-wracking task. If you belong to the latter group, then these products are perfect for you. Read on as cleo.com.sg lists down products that will help you achieve salon-standard manicure at home.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Forget oils. Push back your cuticles and achieve a clean base with this chamomile and aloe-enriched product.

BUTTER LONDON P.d. Quick Dry Conditioning Drops

No time to wait for your nail polish to dry? This conditioning product nourishes your nails while drying them pronto.


Line it, dot it… Unleash the artist in you and get creative with the help of this nail art pen.


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Matching pieces of clothing to get the look you want to achieve is only half the battle when you’re off to a special date or an occasion that requires you to look like you exerted a lot of effort in how you present yourself. The next part of the fight is creating a makeup look that will complement the outfit you put together.

While you can always traverse the monochromatic route and pair the colour of your makeup to the colour of your outfit, there are actually fun — not to mention fool-proof — colour combinations you can refer to. Here are some of them.

White and red

(Left: Photo from EverestSays; Right: Photo from musicalhouses)

This look’s a classic. The crispness of your white outfit goes incredibly well with the intensity of a red lip. Keep the eye look neutral so your pout can get all the attention.

Jewel tones and nude

(Left: Photo from TheAmbitionista; Right: Photo from Secondsacharm)

Since jewel tones are a bit strong, the best way to complement them is by keeping your makeup colour palette in the nudes. Another tip: if the colour of your outfit is more on the warm side, keep your makeup on the warm side, too. The same applies for cool-toned jewels.

Blue and bronze

(Left: Photo from kasperlooooove; Right: Photo from TeaWithMakeupMagic88)

You can probably tell by now that contrasting colours are often complementary when it comes to pairing makeup with an outfit. The same idea applies to bronzes and blues. They’re very different in tones, but they look good next to each other. Ditch the urge to pair your blue dress with a cool-toned look and play with warm tones instead for a lovely contrasting look.

Red and red

(Left: Photo from cforcassan; Right: Photo from CelineChiam)

Going different ways is not the only path you can take, though. Pairing similar hues can give the same wow factor as a contrasting style. If you’re keen on wearing red, swipe on some crimson on your lips. If you’re not the type to go matchy-matchy, wear a red that has a different undertone.

Black and dark

(Left: Photo from aggynuguid; Right: Photo from KireiMakeup)

We know what you’re thinking. No, we don’t mean to make you look like a goth. But trust us — this works! You just have to do a little trick. To make sure you don’t cross gothic territory, add a bit of warmth to your look. Give your lips a red tint or bronze up your cheeks. 

(Cover photo from: fionaseah)



Summer is not the only time to pack on your skin protection. No matter what season it is, heading outdoors or even just staying indoors can cause some serious UV damage to your skin without you knowing it. Plus, if you add putting on makeup on a daily basis, your skin is up for some serious issues.

More often than not, sunscreen can feel tacky under makeup. Ahead, cleo.com.sg reveals a definitive list that gives the right protection without getting in the way of your makeup routine.

Shiseido White Lucent All Day Brightener

On the lookout for a sunscreen that can also act as an illuminating primer? This one’s a great pick. It works to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone, so you’re sure to have your skin protected and repaired even underneath your foundation.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Milk & Essence

Hate the sticky feel of sunscreen? This one’s for you! Its smooth, glide-on texture leaves the skin feeling soft and lightweight, leaving a smooth and moisturised base for your makeup products.

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense

If you are not a fan of scented sunscreens or have sensitive skin, reach out for this. Kiehl’s newly improved oil-free and fragrance-free formula gives extended protection and care to your skin against UV rays. It also soothes skin underneath your makeup.

(Cover photo from: feliciacheong)


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