10 Stylish Cardigans To Keep You Warm In The Office | Clozette

Truth: sometimes it gets so cold in the office that it becomes hard to stay focused at work. So go ahead, keep yourself warm and productive with one of cleo.com.sg’s stylish cardigan picks.

Mango Flared Sleeve Cardigan 


Add some flair to your look with this on-trend piece.

Zara Jacket with Floral Embroidery


The dainty floral embroidery details give this oversized cardigan a stylish look.

Pull & Bear Cardigan with Batwing Sleeves 


Get ultra cosy with the batwing sleeves in this piece. It’s the perfect choice for casual Fridays.

H&M Ribbed Cardigan 


This neutral-coloured ribbed piece is a cross between a cardigan and bomber jacket – just the way we like it.

(Cover photo from: JessicaVal)

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The t-shirt is one of the most basic fashion pieces. It's a wardrobe essential that is the champion of casual wear and is easily accessible from almost every fashion label. And this is the very reason why we were curious about how it became a part of our daily lives. So, we did our digging to find out more about the origins of the t-shirt. 

A military past

(Photo from: commons.wikimedia.org)

The world's oldest preserved garment made from linen that roughly fits the 'shirt' profile is from a First Dynasty Egyptian tomb at Tarkan dated 3000 BC. It is designed to be form-fitting while still allowing the wearer enough room to move. But even until the early 19th century, shirts were described to have collars and long sleeves and were meant to be worn underneath coats and vests. 

It wasn't until sometime in the Spanish-American War that the piece we now know as the t-shirt came to be. By approximately 1898, the U.S. Navy issued the garment to be worn by the soldiers underneath their uniform, designed with crew necks and shorter sleeves for better wear and feel. Soon enough, it was adopted by the rest of the Army after being issued to new recruits and having it worn during training sessions and leisure times in camp because of how convenient it is a clothing piece. 

The ideal working man's wear

(Photo from: commons.wikimedia.org)

At the start of the 1900s, the t-shirt became the ideal garment for farmers, dockworkers, miners, and most blue collar workers because of the lightweight feel of the material and how comfortable it was to wear even through extensive labour. Cotton is also inexpensive and easy-to-wash. It wasn't long until parents decided to get t-shirts for their children's everyday clothing. By the 1920s, the term 't-shirt', which came from the piece's shape resembling the letter T, had already made its way into the pages of the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The wonderful wizard of shirts

(Screenshot from the 1939 film; Warner Bros. Family Entertainment)

The Wizard of Oz is an iconic movie, but it also counts as one of the earliest, perhaps even the first film where people wore printed t-shirts. 

(Photo from: thecavenderdiary.com)

On 13 July 1942, an Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt, which also counts as a graphic tee, made its way into the cover of LIFE magazine and has been credited as the first time it has been showcased in a photograph. 

Marlon, Mickey, and the rest is history

Officially crossing over from military wear to the common folk's wardrobe, the t-shirt's popularity started in the early '50s when Marlon Brando sported it in the film adaptation of the book A Streetcar Named Desire. Since then, it became cool to wear the t-shirt on its own over denim, slacks, or just about anything. 

(Photo from: penmyblog)

By the end of that year, the company Tropix Togs turned printing t-shirts into a million dollar business by getting exclusive rights from Walt Disney to print Mickey Mouse t-shirts. This paved the way for the popularisation of the graphic tee. By the '60s and the '70s, the t-shirt has been an avenue for artists, cities, and even politicians and activists to present ideas, visuals, and statements.

Since then, tees have become not just a fashion essential but perhaps also a life staple to people. 

(Cover photo from: margasayson)

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Monsoon season is upon us and the breeze is evidently cooler these days. But forget knit sweaters and heavy cardigans. There's a new, creative way to layer clothes without looking frumpy. What we're talking about is the dress over pants fashion trend that's been seen sported by fashionistas on Instagram. 

Let's take a cue from them on how to style this unconventional look.

Vertical Stripes + Denim Pants

Clozette Ambassador Sharnie Hung chose a shirt dress with vertical stripes to help streamline the look. This style is a great choice for petite ladies, as it helps elongate the silhouette. For the pants, we can see a little bit of tattered texture going on, which adds more character and edge to the whole outfit.

Kimono Style Dress + Skinny Jeans

Another foolproof styling for the dress over pants trend is pairing flowy dresses with skinny jeans. It adheres to the common rule of having a tight-loose ratio for your top and bottom. If you're a beginner when it comes to layering, start with this easy look.

Mesh + Denim

A mesh dress is always a little challenging to work with because you'll have to be very meticulous with the pieces that you'll wear underneath it. One wrong piece and you'll end up looking trashy. However, you can never go wrong by pairing it with a camisole or bralette and skinny jeans for a unique and chic vibe. 

Prints Over Prints

Pairing prints together without looking silly can be hard to achieve. Here's a tip: find prints that are more or less of the same colour but with slightly different shades. Remember, if the outfit already looks busy, don't push it. Just experiment with pieces until everything looks right.

(Cover photo from: sorayabakhtiar)

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