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10 Stylish K-Pop Idols Who Are Always On Point

Slayin’ tunes & styles

K-Pop idols have throngs of fans not just because of their catchy tunes, but also because of their unique sense of style. Whether on stage or on the streets, these idols are always at the forefront of fashion. lists down 10 K-Pop idols whose style are always on point.

Sooyoung Choi

While Girls’ Generation wore matching outfits for performances, offstage Sooyoung has a feminine style that’s uniquely her own.

Sunmi Lee

Soft with a hint of grunge, Wonder Girls’ Sunmi has a style you won’t get sick of seeing. Plus, take a few pointers from her when it comes to partnering textures.

Victoria Song

Victoria Song’s airport outfits are obviously different from what she wears on the red carpet, but they’re all equally gorgeous.


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