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10 Stylish Ways To Be Passive Aggressive At Work

Sly style

Best case scenario: you work in a perfect working environment with the best colleagues anyone can have. Not-so-best case scenario: back-to-back meetings and deadlines coupled with unpleasant co-workers. If you happen to be in a sticky situation when it comes to dealing with your workmates and are not ready for confrontation, let share a few stylish ways you can subliminally convey your message.

Boy, bye

If you’ve been wanting to tell your co-worker to give you some space but you can’t say it straight, do it with the help of this sweater.

Show ‘em

You work hard, and you know what you’re doing. Let the naysayers know you mean business.


Did a colleague try to sabotage you but fail? Well, let them know you’re not letting what happened slide.

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