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10 Things We Love: Blogger Babes Asia Manila Launch

Last Saturday, at VYNE Tapas Bar & Restaurant, the Clozette team in the Philippines along with Heidi Nazarudin of Blogger Babes, Vern & Verniece Enciso, Dana & Cristina Decena, and 100 fashion and beauty enthusiasts gathered all in one place to learn more about what they love doing most--blogging.

Aside from this event being the official launch of Blogger Babes Asia in Manila, it was also a grand celebration of what Clozette is all about, which is meeting the community and sharing inspirations. We learned more about what they loved doing as our speakers share tips and tricks of the blogging and vlogging trade.  

It was truly a fabulous and inspiring event. So here are 10 things that happened that we loved during that day. 


Meeting New People With The Same Interests

Nothing beats going to an event and making a new friend that share the same interests. You can talk about that latest product launch or that blog post you've read the other day freely! You may even have a new #blogsquad in the making. And most importantly, you'll no longer worry about going to events alone because now you have new blogger friends you can meet with or bring with you! 

Getting Cozy in VYNE Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Holding 100 people inside for a workshop was so much more comfortable because we were in VYNE Tapas Bar and Restaurant. We loved the refreshments, snacks, and their artsy interiors! 

Learning How To Market Our Personal Brands

After Heidi Nazarudin's talk, we learned more about Blogger Babes and her personal struggle when she started her blog, The Ambitionista. When she became a blogger, not everyone knew how to blog including her, so she she really worked her way up. Nowadays, everyone knows how to blog, but not everyone knows how to get people reading their blogs. That is the current state of bloggers and the answer to that is: market your personal brand. Focus on your niche and let people know what you're blogging about through your social media account and other networking tactics!

Realizing Our Passion 

Who knew blogging can both be your job and your passion? That's what we realized when we heard Vern & Verniece Enciso's talk. This stylish duo says that your blog is not just about you, it's about what you're passionate about. Thus you have to know what topic you can blog about over over and not get tired of and stick to it. You can't blog about something even if it doesn't suit you, it needs to fit the brand you have built and revolve around your personal interest.

Taking A Step Further Towards Vlogging

Our very own Clozette Ambassadors Dana and Cristina Decena knows that if you want to stick to your passion, you have to take it further. Blogging's rise in the Philippines is undeniable but if you want to remain relevant in the content creator world, you must recognize that YouTube is also slowly penetrating the market. This is one of the reasons why they have decided to stay their own Youtube channel, Partners in Vogue.  However, you have to keep in mind that creating video content is so much harder than blogging, so think hard and long if you want to take that plunge. 

Taking Selfies With Our Favorite Bloggers

Vern and Verniece hosted their own game after their talk. One that required audience participation like a taking a selfie with the speakers themselves! Others involved singing, dancing, and even sharing a corny joke. Those were good times indeed!

Asking Questions

In addition to what the speakers discussed, the floor was open to more questions about their humble beginnings. One audience member asked Heidi Nazarudin how she transitioned from becoming an investment banker to being a full-time blogger, because she's experiencing the same struggle as well. 

Heidi shared that since she was serious about her career shift, she took writing classes to improve her blogging. That paired with determination and hard work led to where she is now.  

Knowing How Professionals Tackle #BloggerProblems

Since monetizing the blog was discussed in one the talk, one participant asked what rate should she give to brands as she is just starting out. Dana suggested that bloggers should give a rate that satisfies both parties equally. Add up what you can truly offer without compromising anything and base it from there. 


And yes of course, a blogging event hosted by Clozette is never complete without OOTDs! Here are a few that we spotted from our our Clozette Ambassadors Rochelle, Aaliyah, and Camey. What do you think?

Taking Home Freebies

Last but not the leas, freebies! An event is never complete without a raffle and some goodies bags! Our lucky participants went home with these items from our sponsors Kiehl's, Cetaphil, Shu Uemura, Cream Silk, E! Entertainment , and ASOS. We also hosted an Instagram giveaway during the event and gave out a Holiday gift pack from The Body Shop

Congratulations to all our winners! 


Thank you to everyone who came and made it a wonderful event! 

It was great catching up with our community!