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12 Best Seoul Fashion Week Street Style Looks

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As with K-dramas and K-beauty, there is also much to look forward to when it comes to Korea’s fashion scene. With Seoul situated at the heart of the country’s pop and street style culture, Seoul Fashion Week is definitely an eye-opening experience for the fashion initiated.

For those of us who were not there to witness the happenings first hand, and social media influencer NC Wong have got us covered as they take us to Seoul’s streets for style cues that are truly noteworthy.

Throw shade on style

Sunglasses are the perfect way to add a little quirk! ICYMI – there’s a pencil on top of the glasses!

Go for coloured neutrals

‘Black-and-white’ is generally what you think of when one says ‘neutrals’. But if you feel like it’s overly cliche, switch it up with browns as an alternative.

Pull an oversized jacket over overalls

With overalls making their resurgence, take your cue from this chic look by adding layers over top instead of underneath.

Fashion kids

Consider shopping in the kid’s section. If these adorable kids are anything to go by, some of the best pieces are there!


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