12 Models Who Have Famous Celebrity Parents | Clozette
If you’ve ever wondered why a model’s last name sounds familiar, it could be because they’re related to someone famous. Ahead, cleo.com.sg shares just a few of the models who have famous parents.

Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp is carrying her father, Johnny Depp’s name proudly as she makes waves in the fashion industry. The young model has recently been named the face of Chanel’s Rogue Coco Gloss.

Frances Bean Cobain

Gigi Hadid

From print to runway to TV commercials, Gigi Hadid is everywhere. Gigi’s mum, Yolanda, may have been the motivation behind her decision to start modelling. Before becoming part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, Yolanda was a professional model.


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Sometimes a particular piece may be a stretch from your personal style and you have no idea how to style it.  Don’t let it hinder you from taking the plunge though!

Take a tulle dress. At first glance, it may seem unwearable. But when you layer it with other pieces of clothing in various textures and forms, your look can completely transform. Thanks to cleo.com.sg, here are some easy ways to rock it.

Jazz up your tee-and-jeans combo

Topshop Tulle Ruche Tunic (zalora.com.sg)

Take your basic outfit to the next level by layering over with a tulle dress. Elevate the casualness of your regular tee-and-jeans combo by evoking a hint of femininity with the help of the dress. 

Use a sleeveless dress as your base

Reclaimed Vintage Oversized Sheer Tulle Dress With Cami Slip (asos.com)

Amp up the style of your trusted basic dress by giving it another dimension through texture. Slip on a tulle dress over it to give your ensemble a nice contrast.

Layer with outerwear

Style Nanda Sleeveless See-Through Tiered Dress (stylenanda.com)

Take layering to another level by wearing an outerwear over your tulle dress. This will give a different kind of dimension to your outfit.


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Lace is a fabric that appears delicate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful. Paired with the right pieces, lace can totally be worn to the office too.

If you’re a bit puzzled as to how to make lace work for the office, try these tips from cleo.com.sg.

Sleek with culottes

ASOS Lace Hem Culottes (asos.com)

Culottes are fast becoming an office-friendly staple. Not only are culottes comfortable, the sleek lines are also what make them apt for workwear. The dark colour keeps your overall look stronger and more powerful.

Go preppy

Fashion Union Shift Dress With Lace Top And Contrast Collar (asos.com)

Dresses for workwear are often conservative in nature, but you can play it up by giving it a little bit of lace texture.

Play with sleeves

Billie & Blossom Pink Lace Insert Blouse (dorothyperkins.com)

Lace may be ultra-feminine, but we say you can still rock a lace top, so long as you pick a style that’s a bit more conservative. Take for instance a long-sleeved top; the length balances the delicateness of the fabric.


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