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One of the perks of living in the tropics is that you get to wear your summer wardrobe all year round. But on days when the heat gets just a little too warm, we have to be more creative with our outfits. Read on as cleo.com.sg shares some affordable and chic off-shoulder tops to add to your wardrobe.

Camden Bell Sleeve Off Shoulder Top


The bell sleeves are a nice detail to spruce up this otherwise simple off-shoulder piece. Match it with a pair of flowy pants or a maxi skirt for a chill, bohemian vibe.

Mango Gingham Off-Shoulder Top


This cute pink top is perfect for when you want to look K-Star cute.


Did you know that eating strawberries can help whiten your teeth? Yup! And did you also know that there are a lot of cool things to learn in the worlds of fashion and beauty today? Here are just some of the ones we think you should be thinking about.

Millennials in mind

Millennials often get a bad rep, but just like everyone else, they (or we) need help when it comes to skin-care. To the rescue is Shiseido's latest skin-care line. Especially created with millennials in mind, WASO is formulated to target common skin issues amongst the age group, such as dryness, oiliness and visible pores.

Edited or not edited?

A famous British blogger has been called out for supposedly editing her travel photos. Netizens were quick to point out some alterations in Amelia Liana's photos, but the blogger was quick to squash the allegations. What do you think?

The Orbit

Carrie K.'s new collaboration with Singapore Airlines titled "The Orbit" is set to hit stores in September. While the wait might be long, it will surely be worth it as the collection features elegant pieces inspired by the moon's orbit.

Grace Kelly-esque

If you may recall, Miranda Kerr tied the knot with Snapchat's big boss. And while it may have happened two months ago, the excitement for its details is still high. With Vogue, Kerr gave a peek at her wedding gown inspired by style icon Grace Kelly.

Check out what happened earlier in the week.



A neat and organised closet is what most of us aim to achieve. This habit will not only help you go through every hectic morning smoothly but it can also keep your mind and soul fresh and free, which will lead to greater chances of picking perfect outfits. 

Because we all know that decluttering your wardrobe can be a pain, we took an effort to make a list to help make sure you carry out this mission successfully. Below are some tips to guide you in fixing your closet.


First and foremost, make some space. Even if tossing out your old clothes can hurt, you will need to let go of those unnecessary pieces that are still hanging around in your closet for ages. Having a minimal yet solid collection is better than having piles of unused mess.


Fix your beloved pieces according to their kind, colour or design. Keep your home clothes stored differently from your going out clothes. It’s also recommended to personalise your organization style to help you maintain a regular routine, making it easier the next time you clean your wardrobe.

Closet Organisers

Invest in durable wardrobe organisers. You can get these items online or from your local department stores. These will help in making your closet look more tidy and well-kept.

Make More Space

Gain extra space by choosing thin hangers for your clothes and by adding boxes and bins for random accessories and other little things.

Be Consistent

Organising your wardrobe is a lifestyle. Making it a habit to tidy up your closet everyday will save you lots of time from rearranging clothes that have become a big pile of mess.

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Once you're done with your clothes, move on to storing your sneakers. Make sure you do it properly with these tips.