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To say that 2018 is an eventful year for beauty is an understatement. From the release of a self-wrapping curling iron to the launch of a sunscreen that ironically becomes more effective when exposed to water, it's safe to say that we are definitely entering a new beauty era. At the same time that these innovations were made, major strides towards inclusivity have also been achieved. Overall, it's been a great year for all beauty lovers. Let's take a look back at some of the most remarkable headlines and biggest beauty trends of 2018. 


In a nutshell, skipcare is all about using multi-purpose products to trim your beauty routine without sacrificing results. Beauty #shelfies went from showcasing huge skincare collections to highlighting hand-picked products that work. This sudden shift from the extensive 10-step skincare routine was simultaneous with the "Escape The Corset" movement in South Korea and it may have been one of the biggest contributing factors to skipcare's rise in popularity. 

"I'm all for skipcare!" Clozette Ambassador Ryan says. "It significantly reduces the time spent on getting ready, which is always a plus." When asked which products he uses on his skipcare routine, he shared that Laneige Homme Blue Energy Essence in Lotion, a lightweight hydrating moisturiser is great because it has the benefits of a moisturizer and an anti-ageing treatment essence in one.

Another product that he highly recommends is the Cosrx One Step Moisture Up Pad. "It's the ultimate multipurpose product," he says. "They are soaked with skin-loving ingredients and can serve as an exfoliator and makeup remover."

Lip gloss with tints

Even before 2018, there was already a lot of buzz about the comeback of lip gloss so it's no surprise that glossy lips were a big trend this year. But it wasn't exactly a deja vu of the clear and glittery '90s gloss. Instead, we got glossy lippies with vibrant tints. We just can't give up the colour!

Shimmer and glitter

We still love matte but there's no doubt that shimmers and glitters took centre stage in 2018. We've moved on from just putting highlights on our cheekbones to using it on our body. Even trendy eyeshadow looks have visibly become more sparkly this year.

(Photo from: Genzel)

Clozette Ambassador Genzel shares that she's a big fan of this trend. "I love shimmery looks not only on my makeup but also on my body, hair, and nails, too," she says. "It's the easiest way to look glam without putting too much effort on prepping."

Dyson AirWrap and the DIY version

Dyson Hair's Airwrap is one of the most awesome innovations this year. Curling hair has never been so easy! But of course, this new release comes with a big price tag and this has led to creative hair hacks like the water bottle technique. All you need is a water bottle that's been cut in half and a regular blowdryer. Here's how makeup guru Huda Kattan did it. 

Facial oils

Oils used to be the enemy, but that's not the case anymore. In 2018, the tables turned and facial oils became a staple in skincare routines. It doesn't matter what skin type you have, anyone can benefit from facial oils. Some of the most popular ones are Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Herbivore Botanical's Lapis Oil and Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum.

Neon makeup

(Photo from: paradeoflove)

Have you heard? '80s fashion reigned this year. So it's just fitting that neon makeup, which is a signature beauty look of the decade, is also back. Even the Clozette Community was taken by storm by the neon craze. "I personally think that neon makeup has been around for a couple of years already but this year, many brands started to adopt bright colours in their products so it may be one of the reasons why it got more popular," Clozette Ambassador Roanna shares. 

(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Clozette Ambassador Fenny also remarks that she's glad that there's less stigma about bold beauty looks these days and that people are generally more likely to experiment with bright hues. Both ladies also shared that they think neon makeup will still be huge in 2019. "It will have the same theme but probably a new concept," Fenny says. "With any makeup trend, there's always this hype period but for neon makeup, I think we'll still see it in 2019 as people have become more receptive to using colours," Roanna says.

A controversial year

As much as 2018 was eventful for the beauty community because of the various product innovations, it was also marked by controversies. At the start of the year, there was Tarte's Shape Tape foundation range which caught criticism because of its lack of shades for people of colour (POC). And just recently, cult-favourite Sunday Riley faced allegations of fake reviews. But arguably, the biggest controversy that happened in the beauty world was the dramatic saga involving Deciem's founder Brandon Truaxe. Hopefully, we'll have less of these next year.

(Cover photo from: @fentybeauty, @kravebeauty)

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It's a major feat to win the title of Miss Universe. The responsibilities tied to it are just as big — from becoming the face of women empowerment to trying to advance global advocacies. In the 67th year of the pageant, beautiful, smart and empowered women from 94 countries and territories competed for the crown. But in the end, it was Catriona Gray from the Philippines who was named the victor.

But who is this new queen and what goes beyond her signature slow-mo turn, her blazing red dress a la Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, and the answers that earned her the crown? Ahead, get to know Miss Universe 2018 with these fun facts. 

She's no newbie to pageants 

She joined her first ever pageant at the age of five in Little Miss Philippines. She was also a Miss World contender in 2016 in which she lost the crown, a verdict dubbed an injustice by fans. Looking back, it's safe to say her story of defeat helped her rise from the ashes and earn her place in a bigger arena. Another interesting anecdote about her pageant history is that at the age of 13, her mother Normita Magnayon claimed to have dreamt that Catriona won Miss Universe in a red dress. 

She has a master's certificate in Music Theory

Filipinos are known for their love of music and Catriona is no different. The 24-year-old Filipina-Scottish model and creative took her love for the craft one step further by working for a master's certificate in Music Theory from Berklee College of Music in Boston. But that's not all! Using her talent in singing and songwriting, she recently released a single titled "We're In This Together" to raise awareness towards her advocacy of child support and education. 

She's a multi-faceted artist

Aside from her talent in the visual arts, Catriona is also quite the athlete. She earned her black belt in Choi-Kwang Do when she was 12. 

She went 'independent' to embrace more of her creativity

The Philippines is globally known for having some of the best and most competitive pageant camps that even foreign contenders choose to get their training done in the country. However, after her unfortunate loss at Miss World in 2016, Catriona opted to go independent to have more freedom and authority over her self-representation in pageants, especially in her choice of outfits. Another fun fact: Catriona designed the earrings she wore for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant and Miss Universe 2018.

All her Miss Universe looks tell a story about the Philippines

Being a long-time muse of fashion designer Mak Tumang, the two immediately decided to create more symbolic outfits after her Binibining Pilipinas win. From her Ibong Adarna dress, inspired by a mythical bird from Filipino folklore, worn in the preliminary evening gown presentation to the blazing Mayon Volcano evening dress that paid homage to the natural beauty found in her province of Bicol, we can say that her outfits are not only gorgeous but also well thought out. Even her national costume in the pageant held a number of historical and cultural references. 

(Cover photo from: @missuniverse)



It's mid-month madness, friends. We're busy with the holidays coming but we're also busy keeping abreast with what's happening in the worlds of fashion and beauty. From a baby powder controversy to a beauty pageant win, here are the latest pieces of news you need to know.

Talcum conundrum

The debate over the safety of baby powder has been ongoing for years now. It sparked when a woman sued Johnson & Johnson because she alleged that the powder played a part in her developing cancer. Now, it has been revealed that people within the company have been discussing their product and the probability that it contains asbestos for decades now. Is baby powder safe to use? We'll just have to stay tuned for more details to unfold.

Prada says sorry

Prada has issued an apology after they were called out for a piece in their latest collection called Pradamalia. Many people voiced out their disappointment with the brand after it reportedly created a trinket inspired by blackface. The move was said to be different from the brand's history of inclusivity (which includes hiring Naomi Campbell at a time when the modelling industry was dominated by Caucasians).

Kendall Jenner is on top

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had a good year. Jenner reportedly earned USD22.5 million, making her the highest-paid model of 2018.

The Philippines and the Universe

The Philippines' representative to the Miss Universe pageant won the coveted crown. Catriona Grey is the fourth Filipino to win the beauty pageant.

Pomelo Holidays

We got to celebrate with Pomelo for a fruitful year at their tea party. But the festivities were not limited to that because we also got the first look at their upcoming Chinese New Year collection. It consists of 101 pieces you'll surely love, so stay tuned.

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