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Picking out a different outfit for every single day of the week can be quite challenging. But what if we told you that all you needed was one fashion brand to get your wardrobe ready to roll? Whether you’re a less-is-more advocate, or the ultimate style icon of the clique, we have just the looks – courtesy of leading Taiwanese fashion brand KODZ – to set your week in fashion motion.

You know what they say: when you’ve got a taste of the good (style) life, you’ll only want more. On top of a look book featuring six of our very own #TeamClozette members, we also got four trendy personalities – Trishna, Veren, Jxhia, and Caxs – to share their outfits of the week from KODZ. These classic pieces are so versatile that you can easily mix and match them according to your own definition of style. Don’t believe us? Below, we share a total of 28 outfit ideas – seven from each of the four personalities – to help you up your style game.

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The Style Icon

“I'm always having trouble finding the balance between staying warm and looking stylish. Fashion is, after all, a form of self-expression.

I have, though, been finding my way round this thing, figuring out what works best for me and how to make clothes like turtlenecks and midi skirts — something I never thought I'd ever wear — look effortlessly stylish all while still ensuring that my arms and legs don't freeze off my bones (during my stay in London).

LAYERING — Yes! Layering. Even with pieces that aren't exactly winter appropriate, like slip dresses and bralettes, there's always a way to wear them; whether it's over thick, cosy knit jumpers or turtleneck sweaters.” – Trishna

The Sweetheart

“KODZ has been dominating my wardrobe lately with their collections. I love their clothes so much as they suit my feminine style and the quality is also really good!” – Veren


The Less-Is-More Advocate

“I love basics. To me, any basic piece can be transformed to any style you desire – edgy, classy, and of course, casual.

“My fashion philosophy is to be comfortable and daring, don’t let the outfit wear you, rock the outfit instead.” – Jxhia

The Femme Fatale

“Always being in a rush, it’s important that the clothes I pick are not hard to match.

These Fall’16 styles from KODZ made it a breeze for me to pair my clothes. Whether casual or chic, I love how these pieces are great for every occasion from day to night. If you’re looking for ensembles that will take you through everyday with comfort and elegance, KODZ would be the best choice for every style!” 
See all looks here!

Got a favourite look you want to cop? Pick your favourite from these four style personalities below and stand to win the whole look from KODZ!



(Cover photo from: Beautybyrah)

In just two days, we’ll all be talking about 2017 and what to look forward to. That means tons of speculation on what trends – both for fashion and beauty – we should all look out for, what to sport to be ahead of the times, and various ways on how to style these new ‘it’ clothes and looks.

But before we start predicting what’s going to be big in the new year, we thought we’d do a little “Throwback Thursday” to give some love to our favourite fashion and beauty trends of 2016. So keep reading below to find out which trends we fell head over heels for and couldn’t stop wearing.


Skinny Scarves

(Photo from: camilealdriene)

Because we live in a tropical climate, we don’t always have an excuse to wear a scarf. But thanks to the introduction of the skinny scarf, we were able to rock it with more OOTDs than we can count. Plus, it came in various materials and textures, so we were able to easily mix things up.

The Lob

(Photo from: AnastasiaLove)

Is there a more universally flattering haircut than the lob? Whether worn straight, wavy, or curly, it beautifully emphasises your best facial features because it’s the perfect balance between short and long. It’s so chic that we’re sure this haircut will still be popular in 2017!


Bell Sleeves

(Photo from: societyofsnobs)

Whenever we needed to give our outfit a fashionable pop but still wanted to keep things simple and sleek, bell sleeves became our new go-to. Why? Because it’s able to add dimension, shape and edge to a look without overwhelming you.

Extreme Strobing

(Photo from: curlsandmints)

While we love the power of contouring, strobing stole our hearts the minute we came across it in various fashion shows and makeup tutorials. When chiseling out your features, why use two products when you can just use one, right? Plus, with strobing, it’s easier to get that Korean dewy look everyone loves.



(Photo from: ReginaChow)

It's perfect for work, nights out with the girls, fancy dinner parties, and whatever else you can think of. Culottes became a closet staple for us in 2016 because of its elegant cut that made it easy to style. So whether we wanted a casual, work, or more formal look, just by changing up a little detail, we were able to make the perfect outfit.

A Pop of Colour

(Photo from: @sephoracollection)

Nothing can ever take over the sheer sophistication of a neutral eye, but this year we were in the mood for a little more colour. Blue, green, fuchsia, and lavender -- the bright colours we sported on our lids, lips, and hair -- were endless and they looked just as elegant as a neutral makeup look.


Pinafore and Slip Dresses

(Photo from: cforcassan)

Ask anyone what their favourite trends are from 2016 were, and we guarantee you pinafore and slip dresses are two of them. Ever since the 90’s aesthetic exploded this year, this layering trend has been seen on the streets and runways because of its versatility, flattering silhouette and statement-making capabilities.

Gradient Lips

(Photo from: fionaseah)

In need of a natural, yet fuller-looking pout? Gradient lips, darling. It's no wonder why it's one of our favourite K-beauty trends. By doing a little swiping and mixing, we’re instantly able to create a soft but bold lip look that emulates the ones sported by our favourite Korean celebrities.



(Photo from: CelineChiam)

From tops to pants to skirts, micropleats is one of those trends that can be worn in any part of your outfit and will still look chic. And aside from the texture and dimension it adds, we love the way it feels, too; its soft material is extremely comfortable to wear.

Warm Lids

(Photo from: @nudestix)

While 2016 was the year we decided to rock brighter colours on our eyes, it was also the year we dove into warm eyeshadow territory. From coppers to chocolates, we couldn’t get enough of the classic tone on our lids. And whether we wore it alone or smoked out, it always turned out “cool girl” gorgeous.



(Cover photo from: @stilecara)

2017 will soon be upon us, and that can only mean one thing for us fashion and beauty junkies: we need a major wardrobe revamp stat. While the thought of updating your closet might give you a headache – because you just don’t know where to start – there's no need to worry.

Hitting the “refresh” button on your wardrobe need not be stressful. So keep reading below for our five easy ways on how you can change your closet staples for the new year.


Create a colour scheme

(Photo from: chloewl)

If you find that your clothes come in all colours and prints, 2017 is a good year to start cleaning it up a bit and creating a colour theme. You can always opt for classic hues like beige, caramel, black, and white, or go for fun pastels, such as lavender, rose gold, and periwinkle. You can be sure to always look chic and well put-together whenever, wherever with whatever colour group you go for, as long as they will all pair well together, 

Only keep trendy pieces you like

(Photo from: liviachrestella)

Just because everyone else is wearing them doesn’t mean you have to. It means that if you’re not into slip dresses or pleated shirts, feel free to toss them out of your closet. Keep the trends you 100 per cent adore and can see yourself wearing for years to come. Not only will you have newfound space in your closet, but it will also give you a chance to mix things up between your favourite trendy clothes and classic pieces.


Try something new

(Photo from: FabooshLane)

With that being said, if you find yourself stuck in a fashion rut, the best way to get out is to give your closet a dash of "something new." It can be in the form of a bell-sleeved dress or new chunky heels -- whatever it is, going outside of your comfort zone will instantly give your wardrobe a new look.

Raid your mum’s closet

(Photo from: monicaluis)

Hands down the most affordable way to upgrade your closet – raiding your mother’s. Since our mums are our original style icons, there’s no better closet to raid new pieces from. But if your mum won’t allow you to "steal" her clothes, you can always opt to do a closet swap instead. Trade-off different items of clothing.


Clean out your accessories

(Photo from: laveenb)

You should never forget your accessories because they can easily make or break your outfit. To stay on top of the trends in the new year, choose to keep the ones that can go with anything; that way putting together an OOTD won’t be as complicated anymore.


Need more tips on how to declutter your home for 2017? Then read our list of things you should throw away in the new year.