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3 Beauty Crimes You Don’t Know You’re Committing

Do you plead guilty?

Youthful skin is something that we all desire to have. In our quest to achieve that coveted glow and firmness of an ageless complexion, sometimes we think the more we do, the better it is for our skin. But in fact, some of the beauty practices we do may actually cause more damage than good. You may even be making your skin age faster without knowing it! Find out if you’re committing any of these three beauty crimes.

Collagen crazy

Aside from skincare products that contain collagen, supplements and drinks with collagen as a star ingredient are gaining popularity. While the thought of drinking your way to beauty and a youthful glow is enticing, did you know that overdoing it can actually be really bad for your skin?

Some collagen drinks have a high amount of sugar content because let’s be frank, collagen by itself does not taste good. And while sugary food and drinks are tasty, too much sugar wrecks havoc on the collagen and elastin in our skin, causing wrinkles and discolouration. So instead of fighting the signs of ageing, too much of these drinks can potentially cause your skin to age faster.

Mad for masks

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Who doesn’t love masks? From clay masks and sheet masks to gel masks and more, there’s one for everyone. But sometimes your excitement in variety should be contained. While masks are generally good for the skin, over-masking — especially when using a specialised kind of mask — can be trouble.

Exposing your skin to potent ingredients may seem like a good idea in the short run, but excessive use can also clog pores, cause inflammation, and disrupt your skin’s natural process of retaining moisture. This, in turn, makes your skin age faster.

Senseless 'bout SPF


Slathering on sunscreen is one of the most important skincare steps you just can’t miss when it comes to anti-ageing. We’re sure you know that already, but are you applying your sunscreen right? Slapping it on hastily is not enough. If you’re a makeup-wearer, make sure you’re still wearing sunscreen underneath your makeup. While makeup with SPF can work, you need a proper amount to let it reap its effects. Also, note: sunscreen is always the final step in your daytime skincare routine.

Let your sunscreen absorb and settle 15 to 30 minutes before you head out. Plus, sunscreen reapplication is also a must. Inappropriate use of sunscreen is just as bad for skin ageing as when you don’t use sunscreen at all.

Besides avoiding these beauty crimes, there are some ways you can ensure that you’re not sabotaging your anti-ageing efforts. Our recommendation? The Victoria Power-Lift Facial Therapy from the UK. A signature of Victoria Facelift, we’re happy to report that this non-invasive treatment is a great alternative to Botox for people who are scared of needles. In as fast as 90 minutes, its unique V-factor formulation will give you visibly lifted and wrinkle-reduced skin without the need for Botox or fillers.

The Victoria Power-Lift Facial Therapy uses powerful antioxidants and a special machine called power-lift machines, which work to tighten the skin instantly. The special treatment used for this procedure contains Oligopeptide-I, an antioxidant that’s great at repairing the epidermis. It also has Hibiscus Abelmoschus Seed extract, which promotes the production of collagen in the skin. When coupled with the radiofrequency of the Power-Lift therapy, it will lift, firm, tighten, hydrate, stimulate collagen regeneration, and restore skin’s elasticity with no side-effect and downtime at all. Just what you need to combat the signs of skin ageing.

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