3 Guys Show Us Their Swoon-Worthy Letters To Their Lady Loves | Clozette

From short but sweet private conversations to a long and heartfelt letter that chronicles love transcending time, it's always so interesting to see how someone uses unspoken words to explain their feelings. And as we're about to put a close to this year's love month, we had three guys pour their hearts out on their own modernised version of love letters, addressed to their lady loves. 

Fair warning before you start scrolling: get ready to swoon like crazy!

Charles to his girlfriend, Charlene

After an unexpected meeting when they sat beside each other in class, they see their relationship living out the phrase 'opposites attract'. 

Char shared, "In our relationship, he's more of the mature type of person and I'm [kinda childish]. What I like about him is that he supports what I do. He goes to events with me whenever he's free and as of the moment, he's my photographer. He's currently studying techniques in photography so that my photos would look good. How sweet! Also, we love food trips. We eat a lot and we're already both gaining weight.  I call our love story the unexpected one. I know he's not perfect but I love him so much."

Syaz to his fiancee, Jahiza

Jahz felt really ecstatic when asked about their beginnings. She said, "I met him through the millennial-geared website Tumblr in 2011. I followed him on his Tumblr first and he proceeded to follow me back, then followed him on his Twitter and we started conversing with a few tweets before having proper conversations on MSN.

From MSN, our first conversation lasted for more than seven or eight hours. It was pretty intense. And we both felt a connection despite not meeting each other in real life before. To me, it felt that I've known him forever and we even found out that we share a lot of similar interests and the most fantastic thing of all was us liking the same number."

For her, he met and exceeded her every wish for an ideal boyfriend. He even looks like an anime or some popular Japanese actor, which Jahiza is fond of. Talk about destiny.

"We're going to get married in December this year, mainly due to his birthday (we'll be having a two-day wedding and the first wedding day falls on his birthday). We've been together for an incredible 81 months (6 years and 9 months) but every single day feels like a never-ending honeymoon."

Jhommell to his wife, Mhay

"We met through mutual friends at the end of my high school days," Mhay said. "Although we were opposites, and he's five years older than me, there was something that immediately drew us together. We enjoyed each other's company. Since then we were inseparable. As days turned into months, we officially started dating and the rest was history."

She continued by saying, "Now, we've been married for 12 years and have 2 kids. We recognise that there'll be so many trials in our married life, but we know that, at the end of the day, we're both committed to God and to each other and we will do whatever it takes to keep it together. Yes. We survived everything through Him who strengthens us through the years."



The love month is far from over, and so we figured it'll be interesting to explore dynamic duos that can balance love and life despite a myriad of possibilities and challenges. For the first half of our Power Partners series, we had a chat with fashion and lifestyle influencers Ruth Jimenez and Mico Solis, also known as We Duet, who are boldly building their careers in modelling and acting individually and in tandem.

Ahead, they talk about their history and work dynamics, and how they balance their personal and professional relationship. 

Intertwined beginnings

As if straight from a romantic movie meet-cute setting, Ruth and Mico's first meeting already mirrored their dynamics as lovers and work partners. Ruth shares, "Mico has an online streetwear brand and he asked me through Instagram if I can model for his shop. I was already blogging and modelling at that time so I agreed. We ended up meeting at a cafe after one of my print ad shoots and even though it was late, it didn't feel like it. We immediately got along. We talked about our shared interests in acting and fashion and that led to many coffee dates. Now we are in the third year of our relationship."

When asked about how and why they started to venture on a joint platform, they said, "When we started dating, we would always wear matching clothes so we thought why not create a blog where we post all of our matching OOTDs.

We had to think of a name for the blog, something like UsTheDuo and we thought of We Duet, a play on the words "this is how we do it." That was in 2015 and weduetstyle.com was then born."

Collaboration and relationship both in and out of work

While they still maintain their individual platforms, it seems like they live up to the idea of 'better together', which is best expressed in an anecdote they shared. "A few months into our blogging journey, we stumbled upon a post by a wafer brand hosting a giveaway for music festival passes. We didn't have enough money to buy tickets so we decided to join," Ruth recalled. "One of the mechanics was to create a video for the wafer brand, so we did this amateur vertical video of us being romantic and we ended up winning the contest. That led us to creating more videos and starting our YouTube channel bearing our blog name, We Duet.

Our blog and YouTube channel are sort of a diary of our relationship where we share our fashion inspirations, travels, and couple challenges, hoping they could inspire other couples and millennials like us."

We also asked them how they would describe the other person's qualities that help make them the amazing duo that they are. Mico said, "What I like about Ruth is her discipline with time management," expressing that it is important when it comes to their professional work dynamic.  

Ruth, on the other hand, said, "What I like about Mico is his ability to make other people laugh even in the hardest situations. I also love his quirky ideas when we're shooting. We're like the left and right parts of the brain. I'm 'logic', he is 'creativity'. "

Knowing each other's beauty and fashion musts

When asked about Mico's favourite item to borrow from Ruth's beauty bag, he was quick to reply, "I use her brow gel from Benefit! It keeps my brows in place and extra groomed." 

We also asked Ruth about which item in Mico's wardrobe she usually incorporates in her OOTDs and she shared, "I always borrow one of the many vintage streetwear jackets from his closet."

We also had them list down each other's staples. Ruth listed Mico's as: a vintage Lacoste bomber jacket, a Burberry jacket, a Coach fanny pack, a thrifted floral polo and Reebok Classics sneakers. Meanwhile, Mico listed Ruth's staples as: vintage floral dresses, Maybelline mascara, Colourette liquid lipsticks, a pair of black boots, and an eyelash curler.

Top points for these two for nailing them!

Working around mistakes and continuously learning together

On a final note, we asked them about their advice for people who also aim to venture into both a personal and professional relationship. They said, "Keeping a balance between work and relationship is hard. What's even harder is working with the person you are in a relationship with.

It's never easy. We clash when it comes to our ideas and content, on top of other problems. We have fought through the years, but I mean, who doesn't, right? 

But we are in a good position now. We've worked around our mistakes. Even though we spend a lot of time shooting for content or going to events, we still find time to just be together and not talk about We Duet. Our family and friends have been very helpful, too, with the support they are giving to our ventures. But what's really keeping us sane through all these hardships is our strong faith in God."