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3 Makeup Techniques You Need Now

Strobing, Baking, and Clown Contouring

(cover photo from curlsandmints)

Do you ever wonder which techniques makeup artists use whenever a client sits on their makeup chair? Are you updated with the latest trends in makeup? While we may not know the specifics of these techniques or have in-depth knowledge...what we do know is this: these techniques do wonders--lots of it! So here are three videos that give us a glimpse of the latest makeup techniques you can try this season. 

Up your makeup game with these 3 trending makeup techniques you need to know now!



by: NikkieTutorials

Contouring the face may take a few steps back as strobing takes the spotlight. As demonstrated by Nikkie Tutorials' channel, strobing is basically highlighting parts of your face 2 or 3 times more than usual for it to really stand out. It gives you a contour effect but with a more dewy and glowy finish. 

Clown Contour

by: belladelune

It all started with a few negative comments about makeup artist belladelune looking like a clown whenever she contours in her makeup videos. She responded by showing what a real clown looks like and how makeup can be a real artwork if you know what you're doing. See what she has to say with this impressive technique that also corrects, contours, and highlights your face. 


by: Heidi Hamoud

Who knew you could actually cook something on your face? Well, it's not edible; but it would definitely make you feel more than satisfied after doing it! Baking is a technique to make your under eye area free from creasing. Just like any cooking method, it needs a few more ingredients than what you usually have in your makeup routine. Watch this video by Heidi Hamoud to know what these "ingredients" are and how they result in a flawless look. 

Which technique are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!