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Travelling to Korea this holiday but really wishing you were in Europe instead? Lucky for you Korea has these spots for you to experience that little bit of European magic – indulging yourself in the sights as if you were seeing the real thing! On top of that, these places are picture perfect spots; great for #travelgram #OOTDs, perfect memory.

So if you’re headed to Korea this holiday season (or in the coming new year), here are 3 must-see places to add to your itinerary to feed your Europhile soul.


1. Blue Crystal Village (지중해 마을)

Transport yourself right into the heart of Greece, Santorini at Jijoonhae Village! It’s just a subway away from Seoul and this beautiful village is inspired by the traditional architecture of Santorini, the famed low lying cubical houses with whitewashed finish and different colours on their tops. The village is also modelled after the Provence region of France.

This “village” has quaint cafes, craft shops and some international brands like Michael Kors. It is also a village concentrating artist studios and other residences. At night the streets light up faintly and romantically and you might even catch street performances here during the weekends!

Getting there: Take the Seoul metro Line 1 to Asan Station (아산역), exit through Exit 2.

From the bus stop opposite exit 2, take bus number 777 and stop at Tra Palace stop (트라펠리스정류장) [10 stops, approx. 30mins]

2. Chuncheon Gubongsan (춘천 구봉산)

The peak of this mountain has a café street with different famed cafes such as Twosome Place. So you get to tread amongst the clouds on the rooftop of the Twosome Place café while basking bask in the breath-taking view of Chuncheon city.

For dinner, head over to Santorini or dine at their café on the first floor. They have a yard and grass patch with a Santorini inspired icon –a cubical house model with the classic blue top.

Dinner at the Santorini restaurant is recommended if you love Italian food--catch the sun set whilst you dig into your pasta. It’s a great spot for a romantic evening or for a chill night with family and friends.

From Seoul: Take the ITX from Yongsan Station to Chuncheon Station. From Chuncheon station take a cab (Approx 17mins, KRW 10,000) up to 구봉산 전망대 (Gu-bong-san Twosome Place)

3. Aiins World (아인스월드)

Literally travel the world in a day at the Aiins World theme park with its miniature recreations of famous landmarks around the world. The models were recreated up to the smallest details, such as the smoke, ash and even the sound effects.

If you’re a fan of lights, do visit when it gets dark and the theme park lights up; perfect for a date night or just getting into the Christmas mood. What is Christmas without lights, right?

Getting there: Take the Seoul metro, Line 7 to Samsan Stadium station (삼산체육관역) and exit thru Exit 4 or 5. Walk straight for about 100m pass the Korea Manhwa Museum and keep on going straight for another 5-10mins.


Got other places in Korea you think we should check out? Share it with us in the comments below!


Fans of Japanese street style gathered at the 3,600 square feet flagship store of JRunway in Plaza Singapura in Singapore in eager anticipation of the introduction of new brands to JRunway, the first Japanese multi-label store in ASEAN.

JRunway currently houses popular Japanese brands like EMODA, MURUA and MIIA and with the addition of EGOIST, ANAP, X-Girl, Peach John, Rosebullet to name a few--definitely bringing the entire Japanese fashion culture to Singapore.

The event, graced by Style Influencers from across the region, kick started to an informative showcase of ANAP, XLARGE, and X-Girl which gave guests a brief look into each brands’ inspiration and style tips.
The Style Influencers readily shared their love for Japanese fashion culture and unanimously agreed that it was the ability and freedom to express their personal style through the fun mix and match of accessories and apparel that grew their love for Japanese fashion.

Fun fact: our very own Clozette Ambassador, Melissa Ferosha, was also one of the Style Influencers specially selected by JRunway.

The audience was also treated to a colourful dance display by *Asterisk -- expressing music, dance and visual imagery through the synchrony of these three elements. The performance drew the undivided attention of the audience with every wave of the arm, beat of the music, and flash of light.

The runway show also had the audience excited for the upcoming collection that were very practical for our region's climate with layering of practical cotton pieces and accessorizing with knitted beanie or plaid shawls to add the autumn/winter touches to our outfit.

Finally, the evening ended with the Style Influencers interacting, mingling and not to mention the many selfies with their fans in this rare opportunity in Singapore.

So next time you’re looking for accessible Japanese Fashion in Singapore, drop by JRunway!


JRunway can be found in Singapore at Plaza Singapura, #01-54 (opposite Starbucks)

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Are you one of those people who has a ton of clothes but “doesn’t have anything to wear”? We know how you feel, especially this time of the year when parties and celebrations are popping up everywhere. We all want to wear gorgeous outfits to these events, but we don’t really want to spend a ton of money, right?

Which is why we have 3 styling hacks that will turn all of your holiday party OOTDs from bland to grand! All you will need are the three Ts — tights, T-shirts, and trousers — to turn into a trendy, fashion-forward style icon!


Get tight with Tights

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Before you declare your disgust for tights, don't because this stretchy fabric can actually make or break an outfit. Adding tights to a simple dress is life-changing, especially when you want to add something special to your outfit. It’s perfect to keep yourself warm during the cold nights and it can double up as accessories with its different prints! Pair your dress and tights with some closed-toe heels or boots for an easy, chic look! 

And the best part? This can always be dressed up or down, so you can wear this to all holiday parties and celebrations you're attending! 

Wear T-Shirts the right way

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While wearing a T-shirt to a glamorous party seems like a big no-no, there are still ways it can be done! Just take your favourite one, it can be as simple or as crazy as you like, and pair it with some feminine pieces such as a high-slit skirt and heels! The difference of the 'elegant' and the 'casual' beautifully clashes and will give a typical item of clothing a new look!

Be a Trousers kind of gal

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Whether they’re cigarette, flared, or tapered, trousers can be your party wardrobe staple for years to come. You can pair it with your new dresses to stay on top of the trends — in case you forgot, trousers plus dresses are a thing now — or a feminine or simple top to give it a sophisticated finish! Just blend the right bottoms with the right top (or dress) and accessories for a clean and fun combination!


Which styling hack do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!