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3 Must-Watch Summer Hair Care Videos

Proper hair care for extra sunny days

(cover photo from CelineChiam)

Summer is without a doubt one of the best seasons out there. However, we cannot deny that it can cause a lot of damage, not just to our skin, but also to our hair. The scorching heat makes our locks dry, less shiny, and may even cause dandruff. We cannot miss out on maintaining our healthy crowning glories, right?

To avoid all those mishaps, let's take a look at these videos for hair care tips this Summer!


My Shower and Hair Routine

By: Ingrid Nilsen 

Summer expert and vlogger Ingrid Nilsen dishes out her shower and hair care routine. In this video we learn that it is important to keep your locks moisturised at all times. Use a conditioner regularly, rinse and detangle well, and of course, use products that protect your hair from possible damage caused by heat styling. And did you spot that hair bb cream? That is a must-buy!


Hair Product Haul

By: ThatBlondeGirl Mandie 

To be honest, not all drugstore haircare products deliver so YouTuber ThatBlondeGirl Mandie guides us with which professional hair products to buy. It's better to invest, and maybe even get a professional hair stylist walk you through the best hair care products for you, than regret buying a cheap and low quality product that fails to deliver results you want. 

6 Quick Summer Hairstyles

By: bubzbeauty 

Last but not the least are these simple hair styling tips from vlogger bubzbeauty. Although it's ideal to just let your hair down or up in a ponytail , it tends to be boring. These simple, elegant, and easy to do hairstyles would definitely do the trick for a more stylish look this Summer!


Have hair care tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!