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3 Questions Women Should No Longer Hear

It's time to rise!

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As girls, we were encouraged to dream big and aim high. Equipped with aspirations for a bright future, we strive to make a mark in the world. Despite our best efforts, it seems that the world still remains male-dominated. Let's be honest: it can get a little frustrating, but hey, it's never the time to stop pursuing our dreams.

Still, we sometimes feel like we're being typecast to certain roles. Ahead, we share three questions we wish women no longer need to answer.


When are you going to get married?

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In some cultures, it's easy for people to go up to a woman they know and ask about their life plans. While it's considered a taboo subject to some, in Southeast Asia, women are often burdened by questions about marriage. They are often asked why they don't have a boyfriend yet, especially when they get past their mid-20s.

It's time we brush these remarks aside and let people know that it's okay if a woman stays single – if she chooses to stay single.

When are you going to have a baby?

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This is a common question for married women. But it's high time people learn that while some women may see motherhood as a milestone in their lives, others may not. At the end of the day, every individual should be respected for their choices.


Are you sure you can do it?

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In a world so used to seeing men as the stronger sex, it's hard for women to break into industries and lead, especially in a corporate setting. But then again, are you sure that women "can't do it"? Cast away any doubt that women can do just as well as men. The future is female, they say, and we completely agree.

Seeing women in charge is still novel to many, but it has been done — and it will continue to happen. It can be frustrating and sometimes exasperating, but the work must continue. This message is exactly what the social experiment by Lifetime Asia wants to convey.

In the video, watch how these people were tasked to identify and address the CEO of a company. Six of them got it wrong, and what they say should get you thinking.


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