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As girls, we were encouraged to dream big and aim high. Equipped with aspirations for a bright future, we strive to make a mark in the world. Despite our best efforts, it seems that the world still remains male-dominated. Let's be honest: it can get a little frustrating, but hey, it's never the time to stop pursuing our dreams.

Still, we sometimes feel like we're being typecast to certain roles. Ahead, we share three questions we wish women no longer need to answer.


When are you going to get married?

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In some cultures, it's easy for people to go up to a woman they know and ask about their life plans. While it's considered a taboo subject to some, in Southeast Asia, women are often burdened by questions about marriage. They are often asked why they don't have a boyfriend yet, especially when they get past their mid-20s.

It's time we brush these remarks aside and let people know that it's okay if a woman stays single – if she chooses to stay single.

When are you going to have a baby?

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This is a common question for married women. But it's high time people learn that while some women may see motherhood as a milestone in their lives, others may not. At the end of the day, every individual should be respected for their choices.


Are you sure you can do it?

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In a world so used to seeing men as the stronger sex, it's hard for women to break into industries and lead, especially in a corporate setting. But then again, are you sure that women "can't do it"? Cast away any doubt that women can do just as well as men. The future is female, they say, and we completely agree.

Seeing women in charge is still novel to many, but it has been done — and it will continue to happen. It can be frustrating and sometimes exasperating, but the work must continue. This message is exactly what the social experiment by Lifetime Asia wants to convey.

In the video, watch how these people were tasked to identify and address the CEO of a company. Six of them got it wrong, and what they say should get you thinking.


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They say that self-confidence is innate, and we can't agree more. But it never hurts to equip ourselves with an empowering outfit that shows off our unshakable poise, don't you think?

In conjunction with International Women's Day – where we honour and celebrate female empowerment – we share three easy tweaks and tricks in your wardrobe that will add the 'pow' in your power look. Watch the video, then read on to catch the looks, as worn by Clozette ambassador Laveena Bhansali, up close.


Tip 1: Streamline your silhouette

Blouse & pants, Dorothy Perkins

Streamlining your silhouette doesn't have to mean wearing body-hugging clothes. Look out for tailored pieces that feature a clean cut for a polished finish.

Tip 2: (Jump)suit up

Jumpsuit, blouse & bag, Dorothy Perkins

Forget that predictable dress and pick this one out instead – say hello to our new favourite onesie: the jumpsuit. Layer on with an inner blouse or throw over a blazer for instant chic factor.


Tip 3: White out

Blouse & skirt, Dorothy Perkins

Pulling off an entirely white ensemble can be daunting (coffee spills, anyone?), but isn't this what empowerment is about? Confidence is key, ladies, and going all-white could just be what you need to perk you up and give you that sartorial boost to power you through the day.


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Whether you like her or not, there's no denying that Rihanna is a force to be reckoned with. Selling over millions of copies of her albums worldwide, the Barbadian singer has already become a household name. Aside from her musicianship, however, the singer has also made a mark in philanthropy. The singer was recently named Harvard University's Humanitarian of the Year.

There's no stopping Rihanna in excelling in anything she ventures into. The singer has already launched her clothing line in collaboration with Puma, and her long-awaited beauty line called Fenty Beauty is also in the works.

She's a busy girl, but she always looks effortlessly cool. How does she do it? Here are few pointers we took note of from her looks.


Own that colour

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of nudes or you like your lipsticks bold and brightly hued. Rock it! Nothing gives off a cool vibe more than confidence. So wear whatever colour you please, and own it.

Don't be afraid of texture

A cool girl is a risk-taker, so don't just sit on the fence. Get out of your comfort zone and try something that seemingly won't work. A good way to practice this is by adding more texture to your outfits. Textures transform you from being a plain jane to a bad gal.


Go classic

Classics will never die — and for good reason. They're effortlessly chic and never go out of style. Pair your classics together and you're sure to impress.

Cool comfort

Taking risks in the name of fashion is admirable, but it's also endearing when icons and influencers don't shy away from comfort. It is the person underneath the clothes who pulls off the look, after all. Donning basics is not a crime, especially if they're comfy.


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