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We deserve all good things life has to offer. And this month, we’re all about empowering ourselves; so what better way to do that than by making the most important person in our lives — us — feel good while looking good?

Give yourself — or someone who matters — a gift with skin-lovin’ goodness that will last a long, long time. On top of the skincare game is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Needless to say, it definitely should be on top of anyone’s gifting list for every season. We share three reasons why.

It works wonders

The Facial Treatment Essence has a cult-like following, and for good reason. With over 90% Pitera — the brand’s signature ingredient consisting of a unique composition of amino acids, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, saccharides, and other components for making the skin more youthful — this essence is youth in a bottle. Transform your skin and experience better texture, radiance, firmness, clarity, and wrinkle resilience.

It’s versatile

Using the essence as it is normally applied will provide a lot of benefits already, but did you know that it can work for other skin matters, too? Aside from giving you crystal clear skin, the Facial Treatment Essence can also address other skin woes such as caked up makeup, eye puffiness and more. We shared six ways to apply your essence here.

It’s a collector’s item

If you’re a fan of keeping anything beautiful, then you’ll definitely love the delicate, minimalist beauty of the Facial Treatment Essence bottle - as well as the cult-favourite product’s limited-edition bottle designs.

Find out more about the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence here.



The weekend beckons, friends. But before you jet off to your weekend getaway, here are some fun bits of information you can share with friends and families.

Kaia Gerber for Penshoppe

Supermodel Cindy Crawford’s lovely daughter Kaia Gerber has followed her mum’s footsteps, and her modelling journey has taken her to Philippine shores… sort of. Gerber is the newest face of Filipino brand Penshoppe, joining its roster of international endorsers which include Gigi Hadid, Sandara Park and Mario Maurer.


Over the past few years, people have developed a feverish fascination with brows. Lots of trends involving the hairs above our eyes have come and gone, but there are still bound to be more. The latest is turning your brows into mini bouquets. While we’re not sure if they can be sported on the daily, they do look good in photos.

Heel, there and everywhere

We’ve already seen watches whose straps can be changed to suit our outfits, but fashion continues to surprise us as there are now shoes with interchangeable heels. Munich-based company Mime et Moi has created a technology allowing heels to be changed depending on a person’s style option.

The perfect shade of nude

The struggle to find the perfect shade of nude lipstick is real. The hosts of the show Doctors — who are, well, real doctors — say it’s not as hard as you think, though. You just have to look under your shirt. Watch the clip to find out exactly how to do it.

Build a bag

Being able to personalise things is so much fun, so we're excited to be able to give our own spin to already wonderful Anya Hindmarch bags through fun accessories. The Build-a-bag collection will be available in Singapore starting 15 May.

Fragrant and sustainable

You may have already enjoyed the fragrances from Louis Vuitton and have almost finished your bottle. Before you grab a new one, though, you may want to consider having your bottle refilled instead. Being committed to making products that last generations, Louis Vuitton perfume bottles are absolutely reusable. Head over to the nearest LV boutique to have your bottle refilled.

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Isn't it a wonder how mums always know what to say? They always have reminders about need-to-know beauty practices and confidence boosters, and style tips and notes to bear in mind. There may have been a part of our lives when we thought they were being too critical or too strict, but looking back, we somehow learned to live by their words that contributed to our own empowered personas today. 

Read on as mums of some of our very own Clozette Ambassadors share their best beauty tips and words of empowering wisdom right in time for Mother's Day.

Grace, Juliana's mum


"Best beauty advice? [Get yourself some] sleep. Sleep and eat, and sleep and eat. And make sure you're happy. For me, I'm happy when someone cooks for me, and massages me, so make sure you find something that makes you happy like that."

Josa, Cess' mum


"The best beauty tip I could give [my daughter] is to be confident in her own skin. Accept your flaws and consider them as your assets. [For example,] stop struggling with your acne, give it time to heal, and the best way to do that is to get enough sleep and drink a lot of water."

Kristina, Cassandra's mum


"Always cherish and love yourself first before loving others. That's the ultimate beauty tip I can give."

Rea, Mariane's mum


"Stop looking at the mirror [often]! Don't worry [too much] about your hair, makeup, or what you're wearing. You're pretty just the way you are."

Rina, Aggy and Nina's mum

clozette.co/aggynuguid  | clozette.co/nuguidmonina

"My three beauty tips? One: remove your makeup at night and let your skin breathe once in a while. Two: use makeup as a tool to magnify the beauty that already exists. Three: remember Proverbs 31:30: 'Charm can be deceiving and beauty fades away, but a woman who honours the Lord will be praised'. Write this on the tablet of your heart."

Beng Choo, Shivani's mum


"In terms of beauty tips, I would have to say that my mum always told me that my skincare regime always has to be priority number 1, no matter what. This meant double cleansing at the end of the day after heading out and removing any excess dirt that was left on the face. This resonated well with me because I had always admired her youthful looking skin. This also bodes well, too, if you would want a flawless makeup finish."

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