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We all know that taking care of our bodies is an important thing. But every now and then we need to splurge, because if we don’t have that second helping of cake or that plate of pasta, we might just go crazy from wanting what we can’t have.

Now that the holidays are coming up, bowls and plates filled with carbs, sugar, and processed food are going to be served. And we should eat the hell out of it! We’re on a break from things that stress us out, so why not take a "food break" and eat whatever we want, too.

If you’re still hesitant to eat what you want during the holidays, here are 3 reasons why you actually should!


You Only Live Once 

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“YOLO” may be an overused phrase, but it gets the point across when it comes to this! It’s okay to cheat on your diet once in a while because your body won’t drastically change if you eat a slice of pizza. And the best place to splurge on food is during the holidays when cookies, cocktails, and roasted meat are abundant, and the spirit of the festivities make it even funner!

Eat The Right Amount

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Are you worried your gut will come back if you eat a few pieces of chocolate? Or that your skin will lose its glow once you gulp that glass of wine? As long as the amount your consuming is just enough, then there’s nothing to worry about! There’s a difference between splurging and overeating.

You Can Always Detox After

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Cleansing, detoxifying, juicing, these are just some of the things you can do after the holidays to slowly get back into your diet again. Doing a cleanse right after the festivities is perfect to remove anything unwanted in your body, it will help flush out toxins, and clean your system again.


What food are you excited to eat during the holidays? Tell us in the comment section below!



Whoever said that colours should be dictated by the seasons we’re in? And who made that one of the cardinal rules for dressing up? Fashion rules are meant to be broken because that's how it is every season - designers come out with clothes and prints that we could have never imagined existing, and they turn them into the trends of the time.

Which is why for this week’s top OOTDs, we compiled the looks that broke the rules of dressing up for fall by putting together our favourite rainbow-esque looks, therefore proving that fall is funner with colour!




This bright, blue and white striped ensemble by Clozette Ambassador RochelleAbella is a fun mixture of playfulness and femininity! The figure-hugging top and skirt are emphasised by her hair, which looks orange under the Sun, with her aviator sunglasses giving a bit of edginess to the whole outfit.



Sometimes, simplicity is all we need, and Clozette Ambassador charleneajose proved that with her mint green skater dress and nude heels! The shape of the dress beautifully gave her an hourglass shape, while her nude heels made her look taller!



Clozette Ambassador MelissaFerosha schooled us in the art of wearing pants by rocking a pair that is neither blue, black, white, or nude! She went with the 70s trend with some high-waisted, colourfully printed flared pants, a dark, denim shirt, a fedora, and of course, heels!



Even clothes can look like works of art, too. Clozette Ambassador AnastasiaLove played with colour by rocking a pencil skirt that looked like a watercolour painting, a black, lacy crop top, and a bright green purse!



Be inspired by Clozetter Katwinvasion’s bright outerwear ensemble! Not being bothered with the colour trends of the season, she beautifully kept cozy with a bright red-orange trench coat, some black tights, and everyone’s favourite fall shoes, a pair of white Ugg boots!


Which OOTD was your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Click here for this week's top OOTDs from our community!



A fashion line helmed by popular Singaporean fashion blogger, Melissa Celestine Koh, Run After's debut at the recent Digital Fashion Week was a highly anticipated one. Known for her feminine, luxe, and flowy looks, Melissa's style has been resonating with the fashion community in Singapore and around the world, as evidenced by her strong social media and blog following.

Inspired by the theme “Modern Romantic,” the debut Cruise 2016 collection features classic pieces that encapsulate femininity and structure, which in a way echoes Melissa's own style as evidenced by the mix of flowy, structured, and subtly printed pieces. Keeping to simple and relatable details, the collection also features detail work, from embroidery to appliques and prints.

If you're a fan of Melissa's style, you'll be glad to know that her debut collection is exclusively on Zalora Singapore! Here are some of our favourite pieces that we can see ourselves wearing day-to-day.


Pleated Flare Maxi Skirt

(Get It Here)

Sometimes, a bit of flow is just what we need to get through the day. And this flowy maxi skirt is definitely something for those who like a touch of dramatic twirl in their lives. See it in action in this Instagram post from Melissa.

Gathered Off-Shoulder Sleeve Dress

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Modern off-shoulder pieces are feminine and sophisticated, a grown up take on the off-shoulder peasant tops from years ago. This piece in particular favours sleek lines and structure for an all-year round city-chic look.

Gathered Sleeve Dress

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There's no better way to create a statement than with a bold structure. This black mini-dress in particular features bold and exaggerated sleeves that add shape to an otherwise standard LBD.

Checkered Carrot Pants

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Move over culottes, because carrot pants are in! Loose at the top and slightly slimming down past the knees, the carrot pants are for those who want a slimmer silhouette without compromising comfort. 

Looped Strappy Back Dress

(Get It Here)

Sometimes, we just need to head back to the classics; and this black and white checkered strappy dress does just that. It's quaint, feminine, and simple. 

Tie-Back Side Slits Dress

(Get It Here)

For something that's long and flowy, yet easy to incorporate into every day style, then this slit dress is a definite must-have. Grey-toned and finished off with strappy back details and side-slits, it could be our next wear-anywhere type of dress.


What's your favourite piece from Run After's Cruise 2016 Collection? Share it with us in the comments below!