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Ask anyone where they would want to travel to and many would always have Seoul, Korea on their list. The home of the K-Pop industry is filled with gorgeous sights, shows, and one-of-a-kind delights that it’s no question why millions of tourists flock to see and experience them every year!

If it’s your first time going there and you're looking for that full Seoul-City experience, then you’ll love our fun travel tips to truly enjoy Seoul. So just keep scrolling below for the list of places you should head to and the local delicacies you must try while in this large and gorgeous metropolis!


Shop easily from hard-to-find cosmetic brands

Shopping is a must when in Seoul due to their numerous shopping areas and fashion markets! And if you’re a beauty addict like us, then you are going to love their wide selection of cosmetics! Brands such as HERA, Laneige, Iope, and WHOO can easily be purchased here in Seoul as they are some of the country's most popular cosmetic brands. And, if you're a fan of Korean celebrities, K-stars love using these brands for their makeup and skincare needs!

If you want to try out some cosmetics from Iope but have a hard time finding them anywhere else, then be sure to try out their Water Fit Lipstick when you're in Seoul. This glossy and hydrating lip colour will give your lips a beautifully sculpted finish that won’t dry out or smudge at all. Perfect for any climate!

Moving on to face bases, HERA, a leading cosmetics brand in Korea has acquired fans from all corners of the world with their gorgeous makeup and skincare line. But their most popular product, which you can easily get in Seoul is their UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture! This amazing cushion foundation will be your sun block, base, and foundation in just one little compact.

Can’t get enough of cushion foundations? Well, then you’re going to love WHOO’s Gongjinhyang Sul Mibaek Moist Luminous Cushion. A sun block, base, and foundation in one! This cushion foundation will also whiten and brighten your skin as well as reduce your wrinkles!

And switching up to skincare, since the release of their famous Water Sleeping Mask, Laneige has been leading the game in skincare in Korea, and slowly expanding to all over the world. And now every time you go to Seoul, you can pick up a jar of it and sleep your way to greater skin!

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Love shopping for beauty and skincare items? Well then you're going to love Lotte Online Duty Free Shop because all of their products have amazing discounts and special offers! Apart from that, you can also receive amazing offers and discounts on hotels too! If you’re heading over to Korea soon and need a hotel to stay in, learn how you can receive an 8% discount in any hotel when you book with Agoda just by clicking here! Want more tips to make your trip exciting and fun? Just keep reading below! 

When shopping in Seoul, you don’t have to worry about rushing to do your shopping or lugging your purchases around and risk losing them. Through Lotte's Duty Free Shop, you can still shop 3 hours prior to your flight departure even when you are on your way to Incheon International Airport! Easy peasy!

Eat local delights only Seoulites would know

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Whenever you go to any country, you can always feel the richness of their culture through their food. So when you travel to Seoul, enjoy the company of the locals and their street food such as patbingsu (red bean shaved ice) from Homilpat, samgyupsal (grilled pork belly BBQ) from Palsaek Samgyeopsal, budae jigae (Korean army stew) from Nolboo, and chi-maek (fried chicken and beer) from Thunder Chicken or Two Two Chicken! From the chicken’s crackling and crispy skin to the stew’s mixture of spam, sausages, and cheese, you’ll definitely find your favourite local food whether you have a spicy, savory, or sweet palette!

If you're a fan of K-dramas, too, you can dine at one of the restaurants in the popular drama, "Let's Eat"! Throughout 3 episodes, stars of the show dined in restaurants such as Season's Table in episode 11, Mr. Park's Tteokbokki in episode 4, and Keun-gi-wa-jip in episode 12! When visiting these famous spots, you get to experience the same food and fun experience similar to what is shown in those K-dramas! Now that you know all of these tips, we hope you enjoy your vacation in Seoul!


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One of the things beauty addicts love to achieve is a glamorous makeup look done in as little time as possible. Let’s face it, not all of us can take our sweet time getting ready, right?

For this Valentine’s Day, we want our beauty routines sweet and short. So if you don’t want to take forever to go out with your special someone, keep reading below for the 5 makeup looks you can choose from and how to do them in just under 30 minutes!


Soft and Natural

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To start off, get your foundation and moisturiser in one by using a tinted moisturiser with SPF to even out your skin tone and protect it. Powder your face to set the base, and brush on a tinted brow gel on your eyebrows to groom them and add definition. 

Run a few coats of mascara on your upper and lower lashline, apply your favourite lipstick on your lips and cheeks, and you are done!

English Rose

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The key to perfecting this makeup look is by prepping your skin well. Moisturise, protect, and refine your skin before applying your natural-finish foundation. To frame your face, lightly draw hair-like strokes with your eyebrow pencil and brush them upwards to make them look realistic! 

Next, apply a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and on your lids for that extra flushed look. Lastly, define your eyes with curled lashes and a volumising mascara, plus a peachy-rose lip!

All About Mauve

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Meet red’s softer, pinker counterpart! To create the perfect mauve makeup look, make sure you have a flawless base by opting for a medium-full coverage foundation. Conceal any dark circles and spots, and lightly fill in your brows for a soft, defined look. 

Take a pinky-purple eyeshadow and lightly apply it all over your lids, with a warm brown as your crease colour! Make your eyes pop some more by lining the top lashline with some brown eyeliner and layering your mascara. And to complete the look, take a mauve lipstick as your lippie and blush, blend it really well, and that’s it!

Pop of Colour

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Make your eyes stand out on Valentine’s Day by applying a bright green on your lids, blending it in with a shimmery brown for a fun take on a smokey eye! Curl your lashes and apply coats of mascara on both your top and lower lashline and buff on your base with your fingers for a more skin-like finish. 

Instead of going for a bright or red lip, opt for a nude blush and lipstick to make your peepers stand out even more!

Radiant and Dewy

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Just like the English Rose look, this one requires excellently prepped skin. Remember to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate so that your glowy foundation glides over smoothly! Take a shimmery eyeshadow to make your eyes look awake and bright, and lightly fill in your brows to make them look thicker so that they properly frame your face. 

Highlight your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, your cupid’s bow, and your brow bone, and dust on some glowy blush for extra radiance! Finish off your look with fluttery lashes and a hydrating lipstick, and you’re set to enjoy your date!


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Valentine's Day isn't just about some fancy candlelit dinner or a day full of surprises that you've planned ahead for your partner. It's also a wonderful day to show someone you love how much you appreciate them and how thankful you are for them that they're in your life.

So this coming Valentine's Day, whether you're single or in a relationship, show your friends and family some love by scrolling down for the list of interesting gift ideas!



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Know someone who is a massive bookie and always up for a good read? Get her Jojo Moyes novel "Me Before You," a heart wrenching story that will surely make the person you’re giving it to bawl their eyes out.

Artsy Fartsy

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Got a friend who loves calligraphy and everything artsy? Abbey Sy’s calligraphy book The ABC’s of Hand Lettering will do the job. Flip through the pages and learn different techniques on how to create awesome and cool calligraphy!

Makeup Aficionado

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Bring that Hollaback Girl and surprise your best friend with Gwen Stefani’s Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette, which has a range of neutral and bold colours for her to sport during day or night!

Laid Back and Chill

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Treat your sister or your mum to a time of relaxation with a candlelit bath time with a Lush bath bomb that will surely leave her smelling like jasmine.


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