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We are always on a quest to maintain lean and healthy silhouettes, flawless complexions, and luscious locks. But instead of being creative and making our own food, we tend to prefer buying our healthy meals or having someone make them for us.

However, this defeats the purpose of healthy living because we miss out on knowing the proper nutrition our body needs. We also miss out on the best and most overlooked foods that can be found in nature such as orange root vegetables, pumpkin seed, and goji seeds, for instance. These vitamin-rich foods are full of collagen, keratin, and elastin.   

While these superfoods have their independent benefits, there are three that have a wide range of nutritional value--oats, milk, and oat milk. Yes, they're some of the most humble products out there, but they pack a punch in vitamins and nutrients.  Here's why!



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One wonderful fact about oats is that it is the ideal weight-loss companion as it contains soluble fibre that creates gels in your stomach, preventing you from feeling hungry and reducing the temptation of binge eating. Eating oats encourages our bodies to digest food at a slower pace that keeps blood sugar levels steady and boosts our energy!

Aside from its healthy benefits, oats is also great for the skin when applied topically. When lathered on as a mask or body scrub, it moisturizes and lightens the skin as well as gently smoothening the skin's surface.


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With its high calcium content, adding more milk to your diet is a great way to reduce the overall level of body fat. The higher the percentage of calcium in your fat cell, the more fat gets burnt. Thus, increasing weight loss. Easy as that!

And another great thing we love about milk is that it shrinks pores and soothes skin irritations and smoothens rough and dry hair.

Oat Milk

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Now that it's clear that oats and milk are likely to be the best in keeping us lean, the question now is: “what's the fastest and easiest way to get this into my body?” Oat Milk! It's made with fresh milk and nutritious oats with less than half the fat but 67% more calcium than regular milk! Two glasses of oat milk a day before or after breakfast is all you need. Trust us, your bones and waistline will love you for it.  

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Shopping is not a mindless activity. It reflects how well you know your style and how great you are at decision making (and running around snagging the best deals). Buying things isn't cheap as well, so you have to know which are worth all that hard work you went through. 

So here's an adage to keep in mind: the value of your clothes is measured by the number of times you wear it, how versatile it is, and how it fits on your body. It should fit all those criteria before you splurge. 

To help you out, here's a list of 5 things you can do to be a better shopper starting now!


Know Your Size and Stay True To It

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Knowing your size is the top priority when you're shopping for clothes and shoes. If something doesn't fit you well in certain areas, don't be afraid to go 1 size up or down. You're the customer and you deserve something that fits you well.  Besides, not all body types are the same, embrace yours and stay true to it. 

Go Beyond The Looks

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Don't be easily swayed by the salesperson or your shopping friend who says "that looks good on you," because everything can and will look good on you if you know how to carry it. When choosing an item feel the texture of the fabric, is it worth it or is it just an expensive version of something else you had in mind? 

Know Your Style

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That moment of long decision making before you finally make it to the cashier is often caused by you not knowing your style well. Before you shop, think of what your style is, which colours look good you, which designs you like, your celebrity icons, and which pieces flatter your body most. From here, you can easily decide between similar pieces of clothing. (So, will it be that denim A-line or that denim skater skirt?)  

Think Long Term

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Buying something is a commitment. If you buy this item, are you really going to use it? How often will you use it? Here's the basic principle: if it's a trendy piece that resulted from an impulsive urge to shop, chances are you're not always going to use it. If it's a timeless piece, you're most likely to use it again and again, regardless of fashion trends. These are the type of pieces you should be buying.

To Splurge Or Not To Splurge?

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It an item comes with a hefty price tag, you better think long and hard if it's something you would wear constantly or if it's just a trendy item for the current season. If you don't see yourself wearing it for long, try to see if you can spot a similar style from a cheaper brand. But if you feel it's truly worth the splurge and can remain a timeless classic, go ahead and rest in the fact that a timeless piece will end up being cost-effective in the long run because it's an investment that will last a lifetime.