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3 Smokey Eye Makeup Looks To Try This Month

(cover photo from Beautybyrah)

This month is the start of something beautiful as we bring the focus back on the eyes. Doing your eye makeup look is where you can go all-out with the colours. As long you know how to blend it to complement your look, you're off to gorgeous beauty land!

Let's start with a tribute to the smokey-eye with three versions from our favourite YouTubers!


Smokey Eye 

by Danielle Mansutti

(video shared by jaralucero on Clozette) 

The smokey eye is one of the more popular eye makeup looks that every girl has probably done. The use of dark colours make it a dramatic look. Beauty vlogger Danielle Mansutti gives us a tutorial on how to achieve that look with a bit of warm tones such as orange and brown for a perfect night-time eye makeup!

Burnt Orange Eyes

by iheartmakeup92

(video shared by tinadvincula on Clozette) 

Since the usual smokey makes use of dark colours, why not experiment with dark colours from warmer shades? This version by iheartmakeup92 gives us a fresh take on the beloved smokey eye for an edgy yet still very eye catching combination of colours. We love the use of Gold on her lower lash line--it widens the eyes with a hint of glam!

Party Pink

by KathleenLights

(video shared by lystraaaa on Clozette) 

For a dainty version of the smokey eye is this glam and glitzy mix of pink, coral, and cranberry shades done by KathleenLights. We love how effortless the application process is.--just prime, add your transition shade, eyelid colours and blend it out! A must-try for beginners who want to take it up a notch with their makeup. 

Which smokey eye look was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!