3 Things Women Should Tell Each Other More Frequently

Better together

As girls, we have been conditioned to be critical of each other instead of lifting each other up. There have been times when we have spoken ill of other women. There are also moments where we have judged each other. And then there are times when we question other women's decisions. 

In a world where we get the lower hand at most anything, it's high time we stand together and become each other's allies. That's just one of the things pushed forth by Woman, Create during the event they hosted for the benefit of UN Women's HeForShe campaign. Held at A Space Philippines, the event was attended by inspired and inspiring women — and men — who seek women empowerment and equal rights for all.

Instead of being critical of each other, why not foster a more harmonious relationship with each other? Here are just some of the things we learned during the event and wish women would tell each other more often.

"I admire you."

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Not all of us have the openness and courage to say what we think is good about one another. Compliments can sometimes be so difficult to utter, but it makes a world of difference when they are given often. Tell a pal how much you appreciate how she works or give your colleague a sincere remark to lift her up.

"I support you."

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In a world where women are often pit against each other, it takes something as simple as saying you support another woman to get the ball of harmony rolling. Help as much as you can whenever you can.

"We're in this together."

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The challenges faced by women are shared. And so it makes sense that we should make our attempts at facing and ending these challenges shared. They say no man is an island, but no woman should be either. 

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