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3 Things You Need For A Life Of Luxury

A realization from Bulgari's Omnia Paraiba Collection

A lot of people confuse being rich with being luxurious--we don't blame them. What rich people can do and buy may outshine everything else, but that's not what being luxurious is about. This was our recent revelation when we got introduced to Bulgari's Omnia collection,  the “album” of scents and spells and a “sampler” of the wonders of Brazil: Omnia Paraiba.

Omnia Paraiba is an inspiration of the Paraiba tourmaline, an exclusive collection that includes perfume, body products, and jewelry collection with an exquisite back story. It weaves together legendary flowers and colourful stones: after the lotus (Omnia Crystalline), the iris (Omnia Améthyste) and tuberose (Omnia Indian Garnet). However, Omnia Paraiba focusses on the passion flower that exposes the flamboyant nature of Omnia Paraiba. 

Its first notes captures all the facets of Brazil in an ultra-modern olfactory fusion featuring the wild essence of the tropical flora. This bottle of vibrant, joyful fragrance opens on a fresh and vibrant citrus start, combining the sparkly and dazzling tonalities of Curaçao Bigarade Orange with the juicy and tangy flesh of the Maracuja passion fruit. A head chord which grabs with its luminosity, its lightness and its gentle insouciance. 

The heart notes: are of the passion Passion Flower  and Gardenia from Brazil. Both are generous and precious as it combines the creamy sunny character of the Gardenia with the exotic fruity floral note of the Passion Flower. Lastly, the base notes are composed of Cocoa Beans and Vetiver Essence.  The timeless elegance of Vetiver brings out the elegant, woody, and hypnotic elements to the delicious powdery accents of the Cocoa Bean. Creating the exquisite sensation of skin warmed by the sun.

With these though, we realized, luxury is a state of mind--a feeling that fills you with wonder and awe with yourself and the world you live in. With that said, here are the 3 things you need for a luxurious state mind, a luxurious lifestyle, inspired by none other than Bulgari Omnia Paraiba.

Appreciation Of The World's Natural Beauty, Including Your Own

A luxurious woman is appreciative of her environment and the people around her. That gives her a sense of self and assurance that beauty is everywhere. A great example is Bulgari’s Omnia Paraiba muse, Edita Vilkeviciute, a stunning Lithuanian model that endlessly captivates with her sensitive and a sensual beauty. She has unwavering grace and a natural elegance from head to toe that has stunned the world’s best designers and photographers. She has the makings of an iconic model and a true image of luxury to women of today.  

An Impeccable, Unwavering Taste

A luxurious woman's taste is a big part of her identity. She prefers things with a statement and sticks to it as these are the things that define her beliefs and opinions. She is not one to stoop down and join the bandwagon. Much like what Omnia Paraiba pays tribute to--a superlative, universally feminine, diverse, free, assertive, and daring.

A Craving For A Colourful Life

Since the luxurious woman is extravagant by nature, she does not settle for a life of routine. In fact she craves adventure, travel, and nature--basically a life of colour. In line with the Brazilian theme of the Omnia Paraiba collection is a stone that echoes the hues of the rainbow, the tourmaline. 

When this stone appeared, it caused strong emotions throughout the world of jewellery right across the planet. Once skilfully cut and facetted, the Paraiba tourmaline shines as if it contained internal fireworks. It has an electric and iridescent shade of blue-green, known as “indigolite” or "neon blue" and it contains significant amounts of copper and manganese and embellished with rays of gold. Its rarity have led to it being nearly as expensive as diamonds. It is indeed an object of true luxury that enchants all.  

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