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Imagine, you’re in a club, dancing, drinking, and sweating. Suddenly, black streaks are running down your face because your mascara’s running, and your foundation is moving around your face because of your overactive oil glands, bringing with it your blush and bronzer! No one likes makeup transferring and moving, especially not on Christmas and New Year’s Eve when hard partying and free-flowing drinks are guaranteed.

So you applied your makeup the right way, but what are you missing? Why does your foundation keep fading or your eyeliner smudging? To avoid letting your melting makeup literally and figuratively dampen your party mood during all these late night festive celebrations, here are our 3 tips to make your makeup last all night until the Sun rises!


Less is more

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Believe it or not, but one of the cardinal rules of making makeup last longer is to apply less. If you have less product on your face, then they're less are likely to disappear! So while a glamorous night time MOTD often requires heavier coverage, stay light-handed with your brush and sponge. Don’t cake on your face products, and blend like there’s no tomorrow!

If you need to, use a primer. Build your coverage layer by layer, and just make sure to push the products into your skin so that it really grips and stays put, as well as look natural!

Bake for no cake

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Baking isn’t a new technique, but it’s really taken over the beauty world this year, and for good reason! It prevents creasing, fading, and makes you look flawless! Plus, it's not even that hard to do! If you want your concealer to stay put the entire night, bake. Or if you want to accentuate your contour and set it, bake. Whatever you want to stay put on your face for God knows how long, bake it and you won’t regret it!

Just take your setting powder, loose or pressed, take a beauty sponge and slather a side of it in the powder and press it onto the area you want to set. Let it cook, or “bake”, for a few minutes, whisk away any excess and there you have it!

Spray it

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If you have dry skin, however, you might be afraid of baking because it might make your face feel drier and tighter. But don’t worry because we’ve been given makeup setting sprays! Set your makeup with any setting spray to mesh all your products together for a seamless, flawless finish! Some will control oil while others will give a dewy look, but all will prolong the wear of your makeup!


Do you have any more tips to make makeup last longer? Let us know in the comment section below!



Singapore beauty fans, you’re in luck! Be the first to test-drive the Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion as it hit the lion city last weekend – ahead of its worldwide launch on February 2016.

Givenchy pop up space at Sephora's launch pad in ION Orchard

Last Saturday saw a crowd of beauty aficionados, including some of our Clozette ambassadors, taking over Givenchy’s pop up space at Sephora’s launch pad in ION Orchard. Clad in black, gold and metallic opulence – all synonymous with the characteristics of the luxury French house – the launch pad features a beauty counter, a fragrance section and a dazzling feature wall packed with Teint Couture Cushions. It was a sight to see. After all, Singapore is the first in the world to witness the spectacle of the whole new Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion.

Four hunks presenting the four various shades of Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion

We’ve seen our fair share of foundation cushions around, but what is it about the Teint Couture Cushion that stands out? “Rebounded, fresh skin, as though it has just been moisturised. A light, even and corrected complexion with a glowing finish – I wanted to create a compact that would be an object of desire,” notes Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy's Le Makeup Artistic Director.

Clozette ambassadors at the worldwide exclusive premiere of the Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion

Here are five things you should know about the new Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion.
It is a metal cushion foundation

“Traditional” cushion foundations usually come in the form of foam cushions. Givenchy is one of the first beauty brands to use metal plates, instead of foam, to expel the fluid formula. With the metal cushion, it keeps the formula fresh and well protected from air. The metal plate also allows the product to go on your skin cool and revitalising – perfect for the hot and humid Asian climate.

It can be used as a touch-up or a corrector

Because it’s so lightweight and compact, simply slip the Teint Couture Cushion into your to-go bag and touch up any time throughout the day without worrying about your makeup caking up. This convenient cushion compact can be applied over makeup or on blemished areas to correct, conceal and give a natural-looking shine.

Its fluid formula contains a high concentration of water

Formulated with a high concentration of water, the foundation delivers a fluid texture that is incredibly featherweight. On top of that, it contains Commiphora oil, Glycol, Polymer beads and a unique “Blur & Glow” complex. In essence, it plumps, hydrates, and optically erases flaws while reflecting light for radiant-looking skin.

It is available in four shades

Attendees walking away with Givenchy beauty packs and testing out the various shades of the Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion

You can look forward to four shades to cater to all skin tones in Singapore: No.1 Fresh Porcelain, No. 2 Fresh Shell, No. 3 Fresh Sand, and No. 4 Fresh Beige. So fret not, you’ll be bound to find a shade that best matches your skin tone.

The 4G logo on the metal plate gives you just the right amount of product

The 4G logo you see on the metal plate is not just a design – a single push using its accompanying sponge applicator is exactly what you need to get the right amount of product for flawless skin.

From now till 3rd January 2016, hop over to the Givenchy pop up space to enjoy exclusive activities and attractive deals. Purchase $100 ($90 for Sephora members) worth of Givenchy products and receive a Givenchy pouch and three samples for free. Top-up your purchase to $130 ($120 for Sephora members) and receive a Givenchy bag and a complimentary makeover!


The Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion is now exclusively available at Sephora, ION Orchard for SGD83.


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December and January is the time of the year when everyone is jetting off to their winter holidays. Since flights are dehydrating for the skin, we’ve prepared a step-by-step in-flight skin care routine just for you!

Step off the plane looking rejuvenated with these 7 easy steps!


1. Remove all makeup

(photo from joycelynthiang)

Makeup clogs up your pores and dehydrates your skin even more, so remember to remove your makeup when you get on the plane! Don’t need to worry about packing your makeup cleansers into TSA approved bottles anymore because there are many amazing cleansing cloths that does an equally good job. 
Try the Nivea Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes or the Biore Makeup wipes.

2. Prep your face with a facial mist

(photo from CelineChiam)

Refresh your skin with these handy travel sized facial mists. Try the First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating mist which is injected with Vitamin C & E which are great sources of anti-oxidants. Or you can go for a light floral scented Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Mist, which calms the face for the flight.

3. Mask it

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There is a wide range of sleeping masks available in a market. We particularly love Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask that boasts a sleeping technology that hydrates and soothes your skin while you sleep. If you prefer a sheet mask get one which works on your v-line as well, try the Naruko Brightening and Firming Mask EX.

4. Drink loads of water

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Do not be afraid to ask the flight attendants for water! Staying hydrated is the most important step in replenishing the water in your body and skin!

5. Sleep

(photo from maybelinesim)

Sleep is essential for your cells to rejuvenate, don’t get absorbed by the movies on your in-flight entertainment and make sure you get some shut-eye!

6. Mist (again)

(photo from cynthiatseng)

Mist regularly throughout your flight! It will refresh your skin and add more hydration to your skin in the stale recycled air.

7. Apply a face oil

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If you still have a long way to go on your flight, instead of re-masking, you might want to consider a facial oil. Facial oil adds pure moisture back to your face and rebalance the oil production of your skin.

Try Tarte’s Pure Maracaja Oil (it comes in a travel size) or if you’re less tight on budget try the La Mer Renewal Oil.


Where are you headed for the holidays? Share your travel skin tips with us in the comments below!