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3 Ways To Enjoy HIC’s Superfood Blends

Look, feel, perform & sleep better

They were one of the firsts to introduce superfoods blended into cold pressed juices in Singapore. Now HIC is stepping up on their health food game with these superfoods, such as acai seeds, meticulously curated into powder blends for people like you and us — time-pressed, but always looking out for the next best nutritious option. And guess what? Just one teaspoonful of this all-natural powder blend is all you need.

With four blends to choose from — Look Better (for a beauty boost), Feel Better (for an immunity boost), Perform Better (for recovery), and Sleep Better (for calming) — each HIC Superfood Blend contains a high concentration of essential nutrients and minerals your body requires. Simply mix the blend into your regular meals, and voila, you’ve got your daily nutrients sorted out.

Read on as we recommend ways you can enjoy your HIC Superfood Blends. P.S. these nourishing goodness are also raw, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan — perfect for almost everybody.

Add into your breakfast bowls

We all deserve to start our morning right with a hearty breakfast. But with that inevitable morning rush (which happens more often than not), we reach out for easier options that still pack a wholesome punch. Think granola, yoghurt, smoothies and juices — only better with a Superfood Blend.

Best HIC Superfood Blend(s) Match: Look Better (best for cold dishes) and Perform Better

Seasoning for your savory dishes

Think you can’t mix a Superfood Blend into your savory dishes? Think again! Blends like Sleep Better and Feel Better double as seasoning to add more flavour to your cooked savoury dishes such as curries and vegetables.

Best HIC Superfood Blend(s) Match: Sleep Better and Feel Better (for vegetables, grain or soup)

Mix into your dairy products

Got milk? Mix your Superfood Blend into your dairy products such as milk, soya, almond milk, yoghurt, oatmeal, and chia puddings.

Best HIC Superfood Blend(s) Match: Perform Better and Sleep Better

HIC Superfood Blends are available at all HIC stores and retail at SGD13/30g pack. Each pack contains approximately 7 servings.