3 Ways To Pull Off Clashing Trends | Clozette
These days, fashion seems to be favouring unlikely trends that actually complement each other – sending a mish-mash of colours, prints, and even cultures down the runway. It’s almost unexpected, but “more is more” is making a comeback and we’re considering this our cue to experiment. To help us show you how you can reconfigure your wardrobe with this styling trick, we’re turning our attention to Coach 1941’s Spring 2017 collection.

The Coach 1941 Spring 2017 collection is fearless when it comes to making a loud statement and having fun with fashion. Each piece is effortlessly versatile and undeniably expressive, daring the wearer to embrace her inner rockabilly rebel with confidence. Who says clashing trends is scary? Ahead, we share three ways you can pull off some serious eye-catching style clashing.

Gender Clash

Mixing and matching feminine details with masculine elements and vice versa – because why not, right? Dressing up is all about wearing your personality, and you do not have to sacrifice anything to achieve your desired look. Go ahead, put on a dainty floral Mix Print Circle Dress with a pair of chunky Roccasin Cut Out Sneaker. Pick up a Moto Prairie Jacket with delicate details of lace and florals contrasted against a ‘borrowed-from-the-boys’ ensemble.
Pattern Blocking

Styling mismatched prints is probably the trickiest clashing trend of all. What was once considered a fashion faux pas is now a welcoming and rejuvenating take on style. When pattern blocking, remember: look for a singular element. For instance, choose opposing prints – nostalgic florals (seen on the Reversible Satin Jacket) on leopard prints on stripes – that share a similar hue.

We know that mastering print-on-print can be overwhelming. If you’re still getting used to pattern blocking, why not accessorise with an embellished bag, such as the Double Dinky in Glovetanned Leather with Wild Tea Rose, instead?

Colour Surprise

This season is all about unexpected colour combos that will refresh our sartorial palate. An explosion of vibrancy has dominated the runways, on the streets and into our wardrobe, and for that we say: time to bring out the colours! Match your red Shark Crewneck with a pair of green culottes, or take on an orange-and-pink combo with the Rouge 25 bag. Let your individuality reign supreme.


Find out more about the Coach 1941 Spring 2017 collection here.



March was jam-packed with exciting releases, fun events, awesome news and more. Now that the month is coming to a close, we can’t help but heave a sigh of relief for having experienced the things we did. The month’s not over yet, though. And there are still a lot of exciting discoveries to unfold. 

Here are just some of the fun things we’re happy to learn about this week.

Egg Sponge?

We all know that the famed beautyblender is shaped like an egg. But some people have taken the similarity to another level by actually using an egg to blend out their makeup. Yes, you read that right. Watch the video above for a demonstration, and let us know what you think. Would you use a hardboiled egg to apply your makeup?

Halal Beauty

We’ve all heard of organic and vegan beauty products, but there’s a new category in beauty that’s slowly rising. Halal-certified beauty is steadily increasing in popularity, and we’re definitely here for it. Fun fact: Singaporean brand Klarity has just added three halal-certified products to their roster.

Music and Makeup

Jessie J and Make Up For Ever have partnered in a year-long collaboration of artistic endeavours starting with the release of Jessie J’s version of the iconic song Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Disney x Swarovski

From a music gem, we move over to gems that literally glisten. Disney and Swarovski have teamed up to release a collection of items that will bring out the child in everyone — from a necklace inspired by the Beast’s heart in the Beauty and the Beast to a rose-themed pen.

High street Bride

Wedding gowns are a big deal for many women who are set to tie the knot. If you’re the type to want to save the money instead of going for a designer, choosing high street is your best pick. Topshop is set to release its bridal collection in April, and the pieces are so gorgeous and priced just right.

New at Net-a-porter

Lots of exciting things await fans of shopping at net-a-porter.com. New brands have come in, including Singapore's own Allies of Skin. The brand, founded by by Nicolas Travis, is set to be your next favourite skincare brand, so start exploring their products now.


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Sometimes, all you need to feel refreshed after a stressful week at work is a quick getaway. Whether you’re driving off to the countryside or heading to the beach, a change of scenery can do wonders to your state of mind. But just like any other trip, packing the right things for a quick escape can still pose a few challenges especially if you’re the type to want to bring everything when you leave. So here’s a little guide on what you should bring for a weekend away.

Clothes and Shoes

Maggie Marilyn Give Me Strength Blazer (net-a-porter.com)

Go for the classics — a little black dress, a plain white or black shirt, a good pair of jeans. You’ll never run out of ways to accessorise these and they can all be styled to fit whatever occasion you would need them for. Bring a blazer or a jacket just in case the night gets chilly. Don’t forget to bring a bikini if you’re heading to the beach, of course. 

Opt out of bringing heels as they take up quite some space in your bag. Instead, go for a dressy flat sandal or a smart pointy flat. Also bring a pair of sandals or slides that you can wear around comfortably for walking around your destination.


Byredo Bibliotheque (escentials.com.sg)

Jewellery of all types is gorgeous, but it’s best to leave your most prized ones at home. Focus on accessories that serve a special purpose instead, like a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat. Bring a clutch just in case you find yourself hankering for a drink. A cross body bag will come in handy for important things such as passports, wallets, and more. 

Now, while it may seem like a chore, bringing a perfume to your getaway is actually nice. You know how scents conjure up memories? Give your quick escape something you can get sensory recall from by using a perfume.

Makeup, Skincare and Toiletries

Biore UV Spray

Keep the contents of your makeup bag to a minimum. Opt for multi-purpose products so you won’t need to carry a lot of things around. For skin care, go for travel sizes of your favourites. If you can, downsize your arsenal — but don’t ever forget SPF. Bring your usual toiletries but also slip in a razor or a pair of tweezers just in case you need to get rid of a nicks and unwanted hair. Bringing a first aid kit may also come in handy, so definitely do so. 


Flip by OneAdaptr

Don’t forget the chargers for your electronic devices, as well as an adaptor. These things can be a bit bulky, so best find something that is convenient to bring.