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For the past two months, we've shared inspiring stories from women who have empowered themselves and changed their destiny. From Singer-Songwriter Anggun, to Singaporean fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam, and to tech entrepreneur Krystal Choo---each have shared their incredible journey that have gotten them to where they are in life.

This time around, we're sharing the incredible stories of three every day women who empowered to make the choice most people wouldn’t dare to make---to discover the beauty in changing their destinies.

One is an ex-day trader who left her career to start a successful digital fashion business; the other is a beauty enthusiast who ventured beyond her passion to set up a makeup school; and the third is a style blogger who reassessed her life and found strength in change.

In this special feature, we had a chat with these three women to share more about the journey they've gone through to work towards a future they truly believe in. We hope that you too can seek inspiration and strength from their #ChangeDestiny stories.

Scroll down to read how they have changed their destiny and be inspired by their #ChangeDestiny message!
Digital Fashion Entrepreneur of Smooch The Label

What was it like switching careers from being a day-trader to a digital fashion entrepreneur?

“The trigger point was when my co-founder Mery got married and decided to relocate to Jakarta to help run her family business. I was left to manage the store on my own, and at that point it wasn’t easy anymore as I was working till ‪11PM. With the support of my friends, I picked Smooch over day trading....I loved day-trading even though it was volatile and highly stressful on some days, but Smooch was something I created from scratch. I was 26 years old then. I felt I had nothing to lose.”

What motivated you to take the plunge and make a career switch?

“The motivation of knowing the business will thrive if I put in more effort. It was a direct relationship: the harder I work, the more I earn. That made more sense to me than working for someone else.”

What has been the hardest part about starting from scratch?

“The hardest part about starting from scratch was learning from scratch and being able to multi-task. Photoshop editing, photography, marketing, developing your own personal voice and style – you just have to learn on the job.”

What is the most surprising lesson you've learned along the way?

“The lesson I value most in this journey is knowing that I cannot get everyone to like me. I have to be very confident about establishing whose opinion truly matters, like my family members’ and friends’. I learnt a lot about managing negative comments – it’s all part and parcel of running a business like this.”

What's your advice to other women about changing their destiny?

“Always remember that we only have to be good at doing one thing, and then do it well. Surround yourself with like-minded people and have a network of people who support you emotionally – that’s the most important.”


Watch SK-II ambassador, lawyer-turned-fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam’s #ChangeDestiny story below:

Professional Makeup Artist at Bloom 

You went from giving makeup lessons at home to opening a makeup school. What has the journey been like?

“Beauty blogging was just something that I fell into and what I’m really grateful for because it has opened up a lot of connections for me. But I feel like my ultimate dream would be to have a business and to have employees. For me personally, I always seek a challenge. Operating my own business challenges me.”

What would you consider your lowest point in your life? 

“I was trying to be someone whom I wasn’t because of all the social comparisons and I was just lost. I wasn’t fulfilling what I thought I was supposed to be here on earth for. I then met my hairstylist friend, who told me: “No one else is going to drive your life, it’s only you. So you can decide to be like this, or you can decide to just hurry up and run.” That woke me up and I felt that I needed to get back in the game.”

How do you deal with criticisms that come your way?

“I don’t need to be concerned with people like that. You can be criticising and grumbling at me, but is that going to add any effect to your life? Are you moving forward or are you just stuck there grumbling at me? Then the one who is truly moving forward is me.”

What do you think about empowering women through beauty?

“I feel like makeup is instant confidence. You just put it on and you’re instantly happier. It’s like medicine for you, even when people think it’s vain. When I put makeup on, I feel so much more awake and I feel so much better about myself. That shouldn’t be negative at all.”

Do you have a message to inspire our Clozetters to #ChangeDestiny?

“I would have to say that you are in charge of your own life. If you do the things that you’re designed to do, you’ll see so many miracles and you’ll see so many breakthroughs that it’s almost ridiculous!”


Watch SK-II ambassdor, tech entrepreneur Krystal Choo’s #ChangeDestiny story below:

Style Blogger of Missingavenue


What has it been like to move from Singapore to London?

“I am living life, getting experience, making opportunities, and meeting new people. I have never felt better despite the uncertainty of not knowing where I am going to be a year from now. I used to be one who was very obsessed about documenting every moment with my camera. These days, sometimes I just go with the flow…and just enjoy whatever is being presented in front of me.”

You have two Instagram accounts. Can you share the difference between @meowiie and @meowiie2?

“I see life in two very different perspectives and what you see is what you get. I like to see @meowiie being the stronger, braver, fearless side of me who knows exactly what she wants and is unafraid to get it. As for @meowiie2, it’s more honest and vulnerable where I am a completely open book. Sometimes I treat it like a diary for me to remember things, and I write short entries about how I am feeling, my struggles embracing uncertainty or how I am growing.”

What has been the lowest point in your life?

“When I came to London, being in an environment outside of my comfort zone was very hard and I still struggle. I was constantly stressing about the future but I’ve learnt the best way is to just go with the flow and to embrace each day – to live each day with gratitude.”

You've had to be brave to make your dream happen. Can you share a bit about that?

“Coming here has been the bravest and the best thing I have ever done. I am a completely different person from who I was exactly a year ago. I don’t think I have ever been happier or felt more at home. I hope this ‘change’ will make me become even braver to make my dreams happen. To just do it.”

What would you say to someone who is hesitant to #ChangeDestiny?

“Don’t doubt. Trust, and just do it. Go with the flow, take things as they come to you and always make the best out of it.”


Watch SK-II ambassador, international singer-songwriter Anggun Cipta Sasmi’s #ChangeDestiny story below:

How will you #ChangeDestiny? Share your inspiring stories of change with us in the comments below!



(cover photo from yellowyum)

It’s a new year, a new day, and let’s start it by decluttering! No one likes throwing things away, but the feeling of relief washes over eventually. No more unnecessary things taking up space in your closet, storage, and vanity; and no more junk!

You may have said that you would use these things one day, but trust us, if you’re not using it now, you’re never going to. So if you want to purge and cleanse your home, keep reading below for the things you should be throwing out this new year!


Expired Makeup

(photo from MyMakeupOrganizer)

We shouldn’t even have to justify why you should throw out expired makeup, right? Not only can they cause infections, but the bacteria in them might even lead you to break out! So throw out all the makeup you have that are way past their expiration date, and you’ll feel glad that you now have extra space to buy even more makeup!

Rusty Jewellery

(photo from pupuren)

We love accessories, and because we don’t want to waste money, we buy the costume ones. You know, the relatively cheap pieces that won’t really cause you and your wallet some pain. Too bad they dont’ last forever, though! Costume jewellery generally rust and break apart after a few months or a year, and if you have any old ones lying around, it’s time to throw them away. Don’t start your year with some old, gunky accessories, and instead, invest in some pieces that will last you for years and years!

Clothes You Don’t Wear

(photo from hannatantoco)

Shopping may be therapeutic and exhilarating, but it can often lead to “over-shopping” — where you buy a ton of stuff but you end up not using them. So seriously go into your closet and evaluate each item of clothing that you own. Separate them into two categories, one that you constantly wear, and one that you haven’t worn at all. Give away or resell or throw out the latter category, because if you’re not wearing it now, you’re never going to!

Old Underwear

(photo from JessyTheKLChic)

Underwear, especially the ones made of good quality material, can last for years. But the regular cotton ones should be disposed of regularly, surprisingly sooner rather than later. Signs that you’re underwear is ready to be thrown out are if you’re bra’s underwire is starting to stick out, or the band has become loose. While if your bikini panties are beginning to look like granny underwear, then you know it’s time.

Broken Shoes

(photo from charleneajose)

When your shoe breaks, of course you should have it fixed! But when it’s broken three or more times, it’s time for it to meet its maker. There’s nothing wrong with repairing old shoes, it’s just that if they’re breaking more than being worn, it’s a sign that you should already look to buy a new pair. So for this new year, chuck away all your heels, flats, and sneakers whose materials are peeling and separating!

Unused and Old Electronics

(photo from AshleyYeen)

Does anyone really like hanging on to old cellphones, laptops, chargers, and more? Unless you’re planning on building your own museum on the history of electronics, we suggest throwing out (or better yet, selling) those old, unused gadgets. They're too bulky and are literally a waste of space. 


What are you throwing out in the new year? Let us know in the comment section below!



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Mattes may be all the rage now, but we know that come New Year’s Eve, it’s glitter and shimmer from head-to-toe! We’re not saying mattes aren’t party-appropriate, but there’s just something about the shiny finish of shimmery eyeshadows that screams of hard partying and having fun.

So put down your favourite matte eyeshadow first, put it in the back of your makeup bag, and take a look at these metallic eyeshadows that won’t let you down during New Year’s Eve!


Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in "Burnt Sugar"

(photo from sheenashares)

Burnt Sugar sounds delicious, no? This Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow is a gorgeous golden bronze shade that will suit everyone and any party look! This smooth eyeshadow will beautifully define all eye shapes, and can be used as a single wash of colour, or for contouring the eyes!

NARS Limited Edition Single Eyeshadow in “Stud”

(photo from fifiliciousify)

This Limited Edition Single Eyeshadow in Stud is part of their Steven Klein holiday collection, and is described as a soft pewter bronze, but we like to call it “a classy silver”. The taupe and silver undertones of this eyeshadow come out in different lights, bringing a side of gorgeousness we’ve never seen before! Leave it to NARS to come up with an eyeshadow that will answer all the prayers of makeup junkies this season!

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in “25 Bella Cobalt”

(photo from Slowbrogal)

What’s a party without a little bit of colour? For a touch of boldness to your NYE makeup look, go for this Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Bella Cobalt!The shimmer in this shadow isn’t too loud, so for those of you who are worried this might be too bold, relax! The soft shimmers will elegantly catch the light, while remaining smooth and foil-like!

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in “Let Me Pop”

(photo from jennyfleur)

And for a festive eyeshadow that won’t smudge, budge, and move all night, go for the MAC Pro Longer Paint Pot in Let Me Pop! This bronze shadow, with a hint of peach, will give eyes a subtle wash of shimmery colour that will just flatter all skin tones. No wonder rose gold is so loved!


What metallic eyeshadow are you rocking this New Year's Eve? Leave us a comment below!