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3 Words We Use To Describe A Good Shampoo

Our hair care glossary

Words, as we know, hold meanings. We identify and label our thoughts and feelings — almost everything we do, see and experience — through words. When meaningful and uttered with conviction, these words move people to action.

When we intend to make a purchase, we weigh the words that describe a product to ensure it fits our needs. And we also use it to describe things we want. In skincare, the word “glowing” is constant. In make-up, “on-fleek” is a word we like. How about hair care? For the shampoo we believe warrants a space in our bathroom shelf, here are the words we use.


Fresh is something we'd like to be able to still refer to how our hair smells after a long day of hustling. So the word we look for is fragrant. If the scent lasts all day, it's a keeper in our book.

With a new floral perfume upgraded with luxuriously refreshing and soothing flower water with witch hazel and essential oils with evening primrose for the perfect golden ratio, the Rejoice Perfect Balance series is truly an olfactory experience. Open the cap of the shampoo bottle and get enveloped by the aroma that is juicy and fresh, feminine and natural, and succulent and warm all at the same time. The shampoo also has a unique perfume technology that makes the scent linger for an entire day.


“Dirty” isn't a word anyone would like to be associated with. So it's no surprise that we want something that will thoroughly clean our hair and scalp without stripping them off their natural oils. On top of that, we want something that can help us tackle certain hair woes, such as dandruff and hair fall for a cleaner outlook.

Rejoice Perfect Balance for Anti-Hairfall (left) & Rejoice Perfect Balance for Anti-Dandruff 3-in-1 (right)

The Rejoice Perfect Balance series is formulated safe to be lathered on the hair and scalp for thorough cleansing, minus the dryness. The Perfect Balance for Anti-Hairfall contains olive oil essence that will not only prevent hair fall caused by breakage but also works to smooth and soften hair. The Perfect Balance for Anti Dandruff 3-in-1 features menthol for a rejuvenating wash that smoothes tresses and combats dandruff. Paired with their complementary conditioners, you’ll be expecting double the hair care power.


Rejoice Perfect Balance for Rich Soft Smooth (left) & Rejoice Perfect Balance for Frizz Repair (right)

Frizz is something we'd like to eliminate from our vocabulary — and hair. So a shampoo that can transform lifeless, coarse strands into lusciously smooth locks is what we're after. With Rejoice's Perfect Balance for Rich Soft Smooth and Perfect Balance for Frizz Repair, formulated with anti-frizz technology, we're sure to have hair we'll have no problem flaunting.

Make sure these words are part of your hair care vocabulary by putting the Rejoice Perfect Balance series on the top shelf of your vanity. Get it here.