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AURUM Jewellery may be the newest kid on the (Singapore) block, but this Icelandic jewellery brand is one of the most distinguished jewellery labels in Iceland you never knew about – but totally should right now.

Founded in 1999 by award-winning jewellery designer Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, every AURUM jewellery design is inspired and drawn directly from the magnificent Icelandic nature. Raw and edgy with the right touch of light, delicate femininity, each limited edition piece is exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Everything is made by hand, which means you get to own an exquisite piece of AURUM jewellery that is like no other.

Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir crafting an AURUM piece

Having been featured on several international online and offline publications such as Timeout, Conde Nast Travelller, ELLE Magazine, British Vogue and GQ, AURUM finally geared up for a global expansion last year. Today, an impressive number of 30 stockists across nine countries carry the brand. And now, great news to our Singaporean readers: you can get your hands on them too. (Ps: read on to find out how you can enjoy a special promo off your first purchase!)

To help you get started, here are four collections we think you’ll absolutely love from AURUM!

FALCON collection 

FALCON bracelet, SGD $142; FALCON earrings, SGD $146

Showcasing the ruffled feathers of the falcon as its signature design element, the FALCON collection tells the story of Iceland’s historic battle for independence and freedom. Each piece’s intricate detailing juxtaposes its solid structure to deliver a collection that is on trend and classic.

FOLD collection 

FOLD ring, SGD $162; FOLD armband, SGD $101; FOLD necklace (big), SGD $255; FOLD earrings (left); SGD $143; FOLD earrings (right), SGD $142

Take the whole world in your hands with the FOLD collection. Each trinket takes on the shape of the earth and is crafted from lava (yes, lava!) and moss. The collection’s natural accents wrapped in silver give your style a cool edge that is elegant at the same time.

LAX collection 

LAX necklace, price unknown; LAX cufflinks, SGD $180

Leave it to AURUM to take inspiration from the tail of the Icelandic fish and transform it into a romantic heart-shaped beauty. The stunning LAX collection is crafted with a textured yet polished finish that will add a serious punch to your ensemble.

RAVEN collection 

RAVEN necklace, price unknown; RAVEN earrings, SGD $189

Here’s an effortless way to update your look: the RAVEN collection is sleek, modern, and soon to be your statement accessory. The majestic and enigmatic characteristics of the raven add depth to this subtle yet dominant collection. The RAVEN necklace, in particular, makes for a great layering piece.


Which is your favourite AURUM collection?

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(cover photo from @kayemoralesintl)

For Philippine Fashion Week’s 20th season, designer Kaye Morales launched her Spring/Summer 2016 collection, appropriately titled, “Rebel”.

Dedicated to people of edgy and chic sartorial inclinations, her new line comes as a breath of fresh air from her past couture gown creations — the latest line pushed runway boundaries with its bursts of colourful neoprene, fun prints, and playful embellishments.

Photo from Philippine Fashion Week Live

Divided into three segments, Morales’ collection opened with colourful and feminine pieces that were designed to appeal to a more traditional crowd. Towards the middle, however, models clad in sports luxe attires strutted down the runway in eye-popping neon and fun prints. And for the finale, playing with elements such as leather, black, and skulls, the show closed with an homage to rock ’n roll.

Photo from Philippine Fashion Week Live

Morales’ latest collection serves as a throwback to her beginnings as a student at the School of Fashion & the Arts (SoFA), as well as drawing inspiration from her own struggles as a woman.

She paid an homage to her true self by showing a personal side of her, boldly declaring at the end of the show, “I am coming out from the prison of judgment. And these are the things that make me who I am. This is my revolution of self. I AM OUT AND PROUD!”

Reflecting her thoughts into her designs, Kaye Morales’ Rebel Collection provided just the right amount of sartorial high for the beginning of Philippine Fashion Week.


The Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 was held on 27 to 28 November 2015 at Chaos, City of Dreams, Manila.

(cover photo from dhencayabyab)

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