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4 Crazy, Weird Beauty Trends Right Now

Because why not?

The beauty world is full of surprises. And, just like certain styles make a resurgence in fashion, some ‘new’ and crazy beauty fads are actually reincarnations of past trends. has found the new bizarre beauty trends that you need to know.


Chroming, popularised by makeup artist Dominic Skinner, is an intensified version of strobing. Instead of the usual highlighter, you use a frosted lipstick to highlight your cheekbones and the sides of your temples to achieve an otherworldly glow.

Invisible Liner 

Professional makeup artist Stacey McDonald was drawing on a triple winged liner. But when she removed the tape closest to the upper lash line, she unveiled a brand new look – the invisible liner. Work this as an edgy substitute to your usual winged look.

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