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4 Lippie Shades Perfect For A Girls' Night Out

(cover photo from missrustydotnet)

Let's get real here, only women (and men with makeup background) appreciate the effort you put into your makeup look. Only women get that that light peachy pink lipstick is your "lips but better" shade, and only women get the whole drama behind the dark, vampy shade. That's why it's best to wear your most daring colours when you're with them--because only they can get the real reason why you wore it.

The best time to wear your daring lippies are during your Girl-Night-Outs! Because--women who wear great lipsticks together, stay together. Here are 4 lippie shades you should wear during your GNOs!


Bright Red Lipstick

(photo from AnastasiaLove)

Bright red lips--in the eyes of many it's just one shade, for us, there's a ton of them. Finding and wearing this shade is best when you're with having an intimate dinner with the girls. You can even wear your black pumps and skirt to go with it for a classy ensemble. 

True Purple

(photo from GraceMyu)

Feel a little bit more daring by wearing a true purple shade. Yes, not that one with a hint of pink or brown or red. we're talking about alien-like purple, because why not? Your girls would totally love this on you, and it gives you beauty points if you can pull it off. 


(photo from Enabelle)

Orange isn't just for summer. We believe if you're with the right crowd, a.k.a. your best girls in the whole wide word, anything is possible. Orange is fun, vibrant, loud, and retro. Match it with a playful casual look and you're all set! 

Barbie Pink

(photo from makeupinmanila)

Every girl has that Barbie Pink shade hiding in their vanity, and who else but your gorgeous girls would totally love if you finally wear that shade. It's feminine, a bit flirty, and reminds you the days you played Barbie dolls with them! 


What's your favourite GNO lippie shade? Let us know in the comments below!