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4 Makeup No-Nos You Might Be Guilty Of

(cover photo from loveforskincare)

Oops! Before you apply that mascara, are you sure it's still safe to apply it on your lashes? You may not be aware of it but you might be doing harm to your face because your makeup is not in its prime condition. No matter how pretty your makeup may look and apply, don't forget that these products also need tender love and care.

Here are 4 makeup no-nos we should watch out for.


Sharing Your Makeup and Tools

(photo from coffeeandsparkle)

No matter how much we love our BFFs, it's still a big no-no to share our makeup with them. This also applies to makeup tools such as our brushes, sponges, and lash curlers as well. It's just unsanitary. Doing so will transfer bacteria from her face to your makeup and eventually to your face. 

Not Cleaning Your Makeup

(photo from SmitaDeSouza)

You read that right-- "makeup", not just "makeup brushes". Every time you open and use your makeup, you expose them to bacteria. So it's essential to clean the makeup you use regularly. Use antibacterial facial wipes to clean the container, wands, and cover. For the powders, creams, and eyeshadows--spray rubbing alcohol on the top layer of the product and wipe it clean with tissue so you can eliminate the bacteria resting on top. Let it dry for a few minutes and you're done! 

Not Keeping Track Of The Dates

(photo from sheenashares)

Unlike food, makeup companies are not required to put the expiration dates on their products; but most of them do so anyway to inform their customers. Here are the standard expiry dates of most makeup: lipsticks lasts 2 years, glosses 1 year, mascara 2-3 months, liquid face makeup 6-12 months, and powder makeup 1 year. The countdown starts once you've opened the product.  

Not Storing Them Properly

(photo from fifiliciousify)

Storing makeup properly not only keeps your vanity table organized, but it also keeps your makeup clean and prevents the products from deteriorating. Makeup is best stored in room temperature. However, if it's too hot and some of your products are melting away, store them inside the refrigerator or at a cooler area in your room to keep them intact.

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