4 Nail Colours You Should Have In Your Dresser | Clozette

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Do you always find yourself going to the nail section of the beauty store and not knowing which nail colours to buy? Don't fret! Refer to this starter kit guide of the must-have nail colours--starting from the neutral shades up to the shinning, shimmering ones.

As long as you have these basic colours in your nail polish collection, you're on-point to completing every look.


Something Classy

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When it comes to choosing your nail polish colour, you should always think about whether it would match your look or not. The best colours are those that have been tried and tested through time--red and neutral shades such as cream white, beige, and nude. You can even go for salmon and peach colours for a dainty feel. They go well for both your everyday looks and glam events!

Dark and Edgy

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Dark shades such as velvet black, maroon, grey, and dark blue are shades perfect for parties and girls' night-outs. It's also a way to make a statement with your nails as they look edgier compared to other shades. 

Shiny And Sparkly

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For the whimsical, fun, and adventurous days, a sparkly nail colour is what you need. It looks sweet and dainty over a pink or purple base coat, while a darker base coat amps it up for an edgier shimmery look. You can even try a colourless shimmery nail laquer on its own for a subtle, glamorous feel!

Bright And Loud

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For a happy and loud statement, go for bright, bold, and neon colours. It may have to take some guts to wear this off-season; but since it's still trending, these colours are definitely in! You can also match this with your retro looks or wear it to add a pop of colour to your monochrome outfit.  



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Most of us have had straight hair all our lives and sometimes we just wish our hair could look a tad more exciting. So if you're feeling a bit adventurous, don't hesitate to try something new with your hair. It's your look after all. 

Aside from getting a haircut and curling your hair, here are 5 ways to make your straight hair look more exciting. 


Colour Your Hair

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If you want a quick hair makeover without having to go through a major haircut, consider colouring your hair! Coloured hair makes you stand out right away and you can try tons of different colour combinations! There's the balyage, ombre, platinum blonde, brown, and purple (if you're really up for it). 

Add Bangs

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If you feel a bit adventurous, why not try adding bangs to your look? There are clip-on bangs in the market or you can even cut it yourself! Just remember: if you have a small forehead, longer bangs look best on your frame. If you have a wider forehead, you can easily sport full bangs that fall right above your eyebrows. 

Braid It

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If you want a fuss-free hair day, go for a classic french braid. It will keep the hair off your face the whole day while keeping you look sweet and proper. Plus, it's also a good alternative to the usual ponytail 

Make It Look Messy

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One of the problems with straight hair is that it looks flat--making it feel dull and lifeless. What you can do is to add volume by messing it up. Use a volumizer or a hairspray and scrunch up your hair for that extra texture. You can also try the messy bun most hair and beauty gurus on Youtube have been raving about. 

Wear A Head Piece

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Whether it's a headband, bandana, flower crown, and whatever it is that you think you can add to your look, put it on your head and wear it like you're making a statement. It makes the whole look cohesive and so much more fashionable!



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Pink is the shade of lipstick almost every girl has in her makeup kit. Depending on how light or dark, satin or matte your pink lippie is, it can give you that extra oomph in your outfit. It's also one of the best colours to complement your every mood. So whether you're feeling sassy, sweet, or just plain happy, there is one pink lipstick shade that will suit you!

Here are 5 pink lipstick shades to match your every mood!


Sweet : Rosy Pink

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If you're feeling extra sweet and nice to everyone, then a rosy pink lippie such as this from Estee Lauder  is the perfect complement to your girl-next-door dress. It's a high-intensity sculpting lipstick that comes in a shade perfect for all skin tones!

Cool : Taupe Pink

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If woke you up calm and cool, then a cool-toned, taupe pink shade from Tom Ford is the perfect one for your lips! Accentuate that coolness by putting the focus on your lips, keeping the rest of your #MOTD equally cool and low-key.

Sassy : Hot Pink

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If you drank that extra shot of espresso and you're suddenly feeling sassy, a hot pink shade is your best bet. Nothing will ever be as sassy as this hot pink shade from Clinique. Plus, it glides effortlessly on your lips with a velvet finish for a glamorous pop of colour. 

Happy : Peachy Pink

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If you're happy and you know it, wear a peachy pink lipstick! It has that muted orange undertone that gives your lip a natural finish with a slight touch of dazzle. This one from YSL is extremely comfortable and gives luminous shine that seals in moisture for eight hours!

Boss : Violet Pink

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Yes, "boss" is a mood. But it doesn't mean that you're out bossing people around. It just means you're in that "carpe diem" mood--ready to accept and conquer whatever challenges come your way. The best colour to accompany that ecstatic feeling is MAC's famous girl about town shade. A strong, stand-out colour fit for the "boss" that you truly are.