4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing Makeup | Clozette

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We all know that putting makeup on your face is one of the best feelings ever. Suddenly, it makes you feel a lot more confident and at times even feel more attractive. But when it comes down to it, those are all just feelings linked to surface beauty--a cover up for the things that you're trying to hide, whether it be pimples, discolouration, or a facial flaw you think needs hidden.

With the pollution, stress, and humidity we encounter everyday, sometimes it's best to take a break from makeup and give your skin time to breathe. Not only will it do wonders for your skin, but it'll also give you the chance to build-up your confidence in your bare skin by embracing your natural beauty.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why you need to stop wearing makeup (at least for a while).


To put skincare first

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Every beauty girl knows that the first step to a flawless base is to have a smooth and even canvas. This is something your primer and foundation can't fix with just a few swipes. It actually takes a solid skincare regimen and a daily commitment to putting the best products on your face. Your skin needs to regain its natural radiance and luminosity after months of wearing makeup. It may be a bit harsh but you need to go on a makeup hiatus and fix your skin inside and out. Your skin will thank you for it.

To prevent further breakouts

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Wearing makeup daily can lead to higher levels of acne and skin irritation. So if you're already breaking out, chances are, your makeup is one of the culprits. Skip covering them up and take a break from all the harsh chemicals and pigments. Instead, give your face a detox and flush out the toxins. 

Love your flaws

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Part of being a stunning beauty girl is being self-aware of your skin. Learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws--even if it may be quite a challenge. This changes your whole relationship with makeup. Instead of feeling like makeup covers your flaws, let it be something that accentuates your assets. You will no longer hide behind a fancy makeup façade because you have embraced your flaws and used them to your advantage.

Gain confidence in your own skin

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The moment you feel more confident in your skin or wearing minimal makeup, that means you've accepted yourself as who you are--flaws and all. That makes you more confident and more knowledgeable on which looks are good or bad for you, and which looks that are more in line with your style and which are not. That is what makes you beautiful inside and out! 



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We've all had one of those days: we wake up, feel completely out of it, and somehow are in no mood to get ourselves looking fabulous and glam. But if there's one thing that life has taught us, it's that no matter how poorly you may feel or whatever life may throw your way, a good bold lip will always be around to be your amazing BFF. It's that one makeup secret we've learned along that way: one swipe of a striking bold lippie and we suddenly feel like we can take on the world.

So if you've yet to jump on the bold lip wagon, here are 5 reasons why we love bold lips and why you should too!


It's a huge confidence boost

When you've got a bright, bold lip on, something magical happens and you suddenly feel like your confidence has been given quite a boost. Your face looks brighter, your smile wider, and people are sitting up to notice you. After all, bold, striking colours are known to invoke attention and are emotionally invigorating. It takes guts to wear a bold lip and just swiping it on makes you feel like "hey, if I can rock this bold lip, I can do anything!"

For a fun, vibrant red that's easy to pair with any look, go for Estée Lauder's Pure Envy Lip Potion in Lethal Red #6.
Creates a stunning MOTD in seconds

If you only literally have minutes to get your MOTD on-point, then all you really need is a bold lip to finish off your look. For a quick-yet-stunning MOTD, first mattify your face with a powder foundation (it's easier to apply and blend that liquids or creams), quickly line your eyes with liquid liner, then add two coats of mascara. Then grab a bold lippie such as Estée Lauder's Pure Envy Lip Potion in Quiet Riot #10. With its rich, moisturising formula, it glides on smoothly on your lips with a bold pop of colour to complete your MOTD.

It's a scene-stealer

You don't need to steal the scene wherever you go; but if you're attending an event and truly want to make a lasting impression, it's the perfect time to be a scene-stealer. A bold lip is your go-to makeup item for such a moment. Pair it with a striking outfit, such as this slim-cut red mini dress, faux leather jacket, and a killer booties. Swipe on a bright bold lip--either in a rich, vibrant red or a stand-out vampy purple for a scene-stealing pout.

Puts the focus on your smile

We like to think of the bold lip as a frame to a stunning smile. After all, with everyone's attention instantly zooming onto your lips, a striking bold lip puts the focus back on your pretty smile. So don't shy away or hide your smile behind a nude lip. A quick swipe of a bold lip instantly brightens and widens your smile, adding a pop of sunshine and happiness to any day.

Effortlessly completes any outfit

Sometimes, you get that feeling that your outfit needs one more little thing to be complete. Accessories? Nope. Fancier shoes? Nope. A funky hairstyle? Nope. You've tried them all, mix-and-matching your closet and yet you still feel like your look is missing a little something. What does it need? Simple: a bold lip. 

Whether you're into monochrome, or love floral, or are into the sporty luxe look--there's no denying that sometimes you just need a bright pop of colour to complete the look. Much like this sporty monochrome ensemble from Clozette Ambassador HLRYYS, a look that she topped off with a bright red lip.



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We owe so much to the genius who invented the concealer because it's the most versatile makeup product--ever! Aside from concealing, it also functions as a substitute for other products and define certain areas of your face. And just like the foundation, it comes in various forms we can play around with.

So maximise your concealer's potential with these 5 hacks!


Define Your Face Shape

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You usually buy a concealer one shade lighter and one shade darker, right? How about adding another shade to your list, like 3-4 shades darker so it functions are your contour base? No need to look for an expensive cream contour shades and palettes. You just have to find the right shade that will complement your skin and use it as your contour product, defining your cheek bones, nose bridge, and jawline. Just remember to blend it well to prevent any streaks or harsh lines on your face.

Act As Eyelid Primer

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If you're not into buying an extra primer for your eyelids, your concealer is there to save the day!  Prevent your eyeshadow from fading through the day by blend the concealer on your whole eyelid up to where your brows starts. It'll ensure that your eyeshadow colour shows up better and stays on the whole day. 

Highlight Your Features

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Another famous trick makeup artists use is to conceal the under eye area with a lighter shade so it also acts as a highlighter. Draw an inverted triangle under your eye, with the point toward your cheek. It's a great makeup trick to give your face the illusion of lift and brightness.  

Make Your Lips Look Plumper

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If your lips need a bit more plumpness to it, dab concealer on the middle section of both your lower and upper lips. It creates the illusion of bigger lips as it highlights that area, making it stand-out and look plump. Blend it well and finish of with a nude lip gloss.

Clean Up Your Mess

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Messed up your makeup? No problem! Your instant saviour is none other than your concealer. You can use it to fix the mistakes of your winged eyeliner, overlined brows, and messy lipstick application. It saves you from the hassle of removing it altogether and starting over. Plus, it also sharpens the edges while erasing the mistakes. Genius!