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In between the stress of work and personal life lies the comfort that is our relationships. Whether you prefer big groups or just a few people to let into your circle, treating each and every person we hold dear as important is one of life's main purposes. 

So if you feel like you've been neglecting some of your relationships recently, here's how to rekindle the love even if you're pressed for time. 


Take advantage of social media

With today's technology, there's pretty much no excuse to not even say hi to someone. Despite all the criticisms made about social media, we have to admit that it does bridge some communication gaps. So even if you find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to your career or if you're dealing with different timezones, hitting the person you miss with a short message or a cute sticker is a simple way of letting them know that you think of them. 

Take time to talk

One of the things that can really enrich your relationships is by simply sharing what went on with your day. Whether it be anecdotes or you just need to vent out, you need to remember why you give a huge amount of trust to open up and develop a conversation with someone about emotions, struggles, and even the simplest of updates on what's going with your life. 

Say 'I Love You' 

They say that actions speak louder than words. But being mature is all about understanding that 'making time for someone despite everything' is a stretch too romanticised, and in reality, there are instances when there's just so much to do to the point that you barely have time to make grand gestures. 

So if you're giving your all to every facet of your life, give the person you love the assurance that they are still as important as ever by breathing out these three simple words. As long as you mean it, your message will come across. 

The power of a touch

A tap on the back, a reassuring squeeze on the hand, a comforting rub of your thumb against their palm — a touch plays a huge role in a relationship more than you can imagine.  It's a simple, and even sometimes, inevitable way of our body to show emotions and feelings without words. Not to mention that there are scientific studies to support that trust and affection are significantly elevated through these simple gestures. 


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It’s already the middle of February and for us ladies living in a tropical climate, it means it’s time to get ready for warmer months ahead. It's also known as the period where we can’t wear sweaters and booties anymore, and we need to transition to brighter fabrics and beach-ready ensembles as the weather’s temperature continues to rise.

So are you ready to change up your outfits to something more spring/summer-appropriate? Then keep reading below for six fashion trends you need to take note of, stat.


Fruit Domination

A slip dress covered in fruits? Nothing says “spring” quite like a black slip dress covered in tropical fruits that you can easily take from day to night, or work to drinks. 


Stripes have been around forever, but this men-inspired take on the classic print will make it a must-have for every fashionista out there.


Bright Stripes

While we’re on the topic of stripes, spring 2017 also means bright stripes are back — perfectly fitting for trips to the beach and lounging under the sun.

Khaki Love

In beauty and in fashion, khaki is taking over this season as more designers are realising how versatile the hue actually is. So say goodbye to denim anything and everything because khaki is here to take over.


Ethereal Florals

You didn’t think the season would be complete without florals, right? While it is nothing new to the fashion industry, this year’s ethereal take makes it stand out from the rest. Loose, frilly, flowing, and layered — ethereal florals will be your go-to for all parties this summer.

White Shirt Dress

A wardrobe essential, the white shirt dress has been given an upgrade for the upcoming season — it now features texture and edge.



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Ready to see new sights and meet new people? You may have written down “travel more” as one of your goals this year, and we're sure you're excited. Now, while travelling is a fun experience, it can also get a bit stressful especially if you're not prepared.

So to help you ease the load of travelling stress, we're sharing a few tips on how you can make your journey easier. Up your travelling arsenal a notch with these practical tips.


Bag 'em

(Photo from: Slowbrogal)

One of the easiest ways to organise your things for travel is by storing them in different bags. Keep one each for your clothes, accessories, and makeup. You can either go the clear route, so it's easier for you to see your stuff. You can also opt to go for ones that are labelled.

No cable chaos

(Photo from: beautifulbuns)

You open your bag and your cables for your mobile phone charger, laptop and other electronic devices are entwined — that's the picture of something that can cause you stress while on your trip. Thankfully, there's a way to avoid it. Make sure that you organise your cables before your trip. You can use a dedicated cable organiser or you can simply make sure that the cords are neatly packed and stored.


Cool comfort

(Photo from: AnastasiaLove)

If you've tried travelling without a neck pillow or any type of pillow before, you're definitely missing out on comfort. While it may seem a hassle to carry, pillows allow you to rest easily when your trip starts. So why not go through the simple trouble of carrying it in exchange for something more pleasant? 

Tag it

(Photo from: RoxanneChia)

Bag tags are not only a way to help you identify which one of the many luggage and bags that go out of the conveyor belt is, it also serves as your bag's identification. So if you ever lose your bag, the people who find it will know how to contact you. Make sure that you have one — get one that's cute to boot.


Standout luggage

(Photo from: SamsoniteRed.com)

Now if you're the type to stress about the fear of not seeing your luggage, this is the one tip you need: Get a luggage that stands out from the rest. Choose one that has a design that you'll be able to spot from feet away. Perfect for this is the Samsonite Red collection. Aside from having aesthetically pleasing designs, their bags are also created with the modern and fast-paced lifestyles that young people of today live in mind.

Travel with ease and comfort. Get inspired by how Lee Jong Suk takes his Samsonite bags across the world by watching the clip below.


The Samsonite Red collection is available at all Samsonite stores in Singapore.