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4 Steps To A Song Hye-Kyo Inspired Blowout

Get K-Wave inspired locks at home with Dyson Supersonic

From her breakout role from Full House, to the success of Descendants of the Sun, Korean Wave actress Song Hye-Kyo is truly taking the world by storm not just in her roles, but also with her captivating beauty. One of the things that we truly love to cop from her mesmerising look? Her smooth and bouncy curls. But not everyone has a team of stylists following them around everyday, right?

Well, at least we know one thing we can use to achieve her covetable hairstyle: the Dyson Supersonic. The latest collaboration between the actress and the global technology brand is a revelation that the perfect blow-out can be achieved in as easy as four simple steps.

Ready to flaunt your own K-wave star crown? Keep scrolling to find out how to get Song Hye-Kyo's perfect blowout using the Dyson Supersonic.


Step one: high heat and high airflow setting without any attachments

The powerful airflow of Dyson Supersonic targets and blows straight to the roots, thus speeding up hair drying time. For some lifting effect, use the diffuser and apply the lowest heat setting to brush the root of the hair upwards. This helps create volume.

Step two: medium heat and high airflow setting using the smoothing nozzle 

With half dry hair, clip on the smoothing nozzle onto the Dyson Supersonic and dry your hair downwards. The powerful airflow closes the cuticles, leaving your hair silky and shiny.

Step three: high heat and high airflow setting using the styling nozzle 

When your hair is around 80% dry, switch it up to the styling nozzle. With a narrower opening, airflow and heat are more concentrated, making it easier to achieve Song’s signature loose curls.

Step four: Cool shot and low airflow setting using the diffuser

Finally, you should use the cold shot mode with the diffuser on to set the style for lasting effect.

And voilà! Get that confidence on and shine in all that K-star glory with just 4 easy steps using the Dyson Supersonic. You can also check out Song Hye-Kyo's video on how to cop the look below: 


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