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It's easy to feel overwhelmed when browsing through the skincare section of your local drugstore. It's aisles upon aisles of products touting a variety of skincare remedies--from clearing clogged pores, to mattifying your skin, to promising to erase hyper-pigmentation--there seems to be a product for every skin concern out there.

But to keep things simple (and to prevent you from wasting time and money), skincare expert, Dr. Joyce Lim, lists out the things you should consider when choosing skin care products in this skin tip video.

To make things even more simple, we've created a checklist of questions to ask yourself before investing in a new skincare item. 

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#1: What are the active ingredients?

Active ingredients are components of a skincare product which produce the intended effects on your skin, from exfoliation and addressing acne concerns, to boosting moisture retention in your skin. Look for active ingredients which function to suit your skins’ needs.

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#2: Is it trusted and recommended by dermatologists?

Dermatologists, having encountered and treated a host of skin concerns, are able to recognize which are the better products on the market that they can confidently recommend to their patients. Hence, products that are trusted by dermatologists are always a safer option.

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#3: Is It Recommended For My Skin Type?

Once you're familiar with your skin type, stick to products that target your skin type. This will ensure that you're getting the necessary active ingredients to combat your skin concerns. 

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#4: Is It Produced By A Reputable Company?

Do your research before trying anything new. Read up on credible reviews on the products and company practices. A reputable company would be one that is known for producing quality skincare lines and is trusted by many over the years.

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In March 2015, Veet Malaysia kicked off its first-ever Veet Mega Model Search 2015 opened to Malaysian girls aged between 18 to 26 years old who dreamed of becoming the next ‘face’ of the modelling industry. And finally, after four months of searching for the next grand winner, Veet has finally ended its hunt for the one girl who may just be the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling scene.

And the winner is: Rowena Lau Siew Lin! Rowena is from Sabah thus she is fond islands, beaches, and swimming. She wanted to be a model so that she will be able to inspire others by showing them positivity. Sheena Liam, winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Season is her role model! 

She was over the moon with her win saying: “It’s been merely a dream to become a model. Ever since I was young, I thought of walking the runways but I was a shy girl. I didn't expect that it has finally came true! It’s a surreal feeling to know that I won – I’m so happy that I am finally one step closer to my dream!"

Rowena now has the golden opportunity to become the next big name in Malaysia’s modelling industry, making the competition the perfect launch pad for her future career. She brings home with her exciting prizes worth more than RM20,000! Other winners were: Nurul Faizura Binti Gamal Abdul Nasser 1st Runner-up, Andrea Tan Wan Ying 2nd Runner-up, Crystal Tung Lu Yie Most Photogenic Model, and Emy Farrah Elena Binti Most Confident Model.

Congratulations, Rowena!


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Most Asians have problems with their eyeshadow because their eyelids coverthe colours when they open their eyes. There's a solution to that: you just have to apply the eyeshadow in a way that will keep the eyeshadow colours visible. This creates an illusion of bigger-looking eyes, extended eyelids, and a whole lot of glam!

Here are top 3 eyeshadow looks you can try that are best for Asian eyes. 


Smokey Eye Makeup for Hooded or Asian Eyes

by Tina Young

Most Asian eyes struggle with hooded eyes and the solution makeup offers is none other than the classic smokey eye look. This look works well if you apply your transition colour above your crease line. This creates a shadow to achieve more depth to the sockets of your eyes. 

Faux Eyelid Makeup

by DAS

For this look to work you need a dark shade as your guide, "pencil" it on top of your lid (higher than usual), and line it according to your eye shape. This creates the illusion that you have bigger eyelids. Then you can move on to applying the other colours, making sure that you keep it inside the eyelid space that you've drawn.

Sultry Cut Crease Eye Makeup Tutorial

by MakeuUpByPang

The Cut Crease eye makeup look is a technique where the crease is "cut" sharply with a contrasting eye shadow colour to give it that dramatically defined crease. This is a look that suits Asian eyes as it perfectly matches the eye shape, highlighting it even more with a dramatic look.