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Walking into the office sporting your best power dressing OOTD is exciting. Your demeanour and outfit makes you appear strong and independent, capable of achieving your dreams.

However, when you’re a working girl, the struggle of waking up early in the morning just to plan your day’s outfit is real. You want to be able to show off your personality, without looking over-the-top, or like you didn’t put in any effort at all, right?

So if you’re stuck in rut trying to figure out how to plan your next “work-fit”, here are our 4 tips on how to choose the perfect looks without having to sacrifice your beauty rest!


Plan ahead of time

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Extend your beauty sleep on weekdays by planning your outfits ahead of time! You can hang them in your closet in a chronological order, so this way, you won’t be rushing every morning and you’ll wake up calm and relaxed.

Take note of your office's dress code

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Working in a place without uniforms is an opportunity to bring out your personality. But you should always remember to take note of your office’s dress code when planning your ensembles. You can use it as a guide to avoid looking “inappropriate,” and if you’re having trouble putting your outfits together, you can always go with neutrals as they’re safe colours that still look sophisticated and elegant!

Put a twist to your look

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Forget about a typical pantsuit and rock a denim one instead! It will instantly make you look chic and professional, but with a youthful and modern twist.

Add a personal touch

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To give your “work-fits” more oomph, try adding personal touches to your look such as bright heels or bold accessories or rocking different prints together. There are numerous ways on how you can make your outfit look unique, so just trust your instincts, go for it, and confidently flaunt it!


Got any more tips on how to keep your work outfits on top of their game? Share them with us below, and don’t forget to snap and share them with the Community too!


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Last Thursday, 7th July 2016, the Grand Marriott Ballroom was packed with fashion enthusiasts and lovers, designers, editors, and international buyers for the first ever Fashion Exchange International.

With the goal of promoting and selling ready-to-wear fashion labels for distribution overseas, its four partners, Carmina Sanchez-Jacob, Robby Carmona, Valerie Lim, and Henry Chan all saw an opportunity to connect local talent to the international audience by creating this fashion marketing and brand management platform.

By partnering with Samsung Electronics, it enabled and encouraged the audience to capture their chic experiences, as well as see and understand what it takes for a product to go from “raw” to “rack”! Plus, in addition to homegrown talents such as Rosenthal Tee, Proudrace, Aranaz, and the like showing off their best pieces, a stellar lineup of Filipino fashion designers also showcased their latest collections. 

So keep reading below to check out some of Ivarluski Aseron, Rajo Laurel, Francis Libiran, and Dennis Lustico’s latest pieces, as well as their inspirations behind each collection!


Ivarluski Aseron

“I found The Broad museum a fascinating and mesmerising sight during a recent trip…as a fashion designer, I hoped to translate those architectural details to my collection. By employing tailoring techniques with a straightforward palette, I evoked the museum’s qualities – a piece of art that captures your attention from afar, and when you get up close, you can better appreciate its beauty.” - Ivarluski Aseron

Rajo Laurel

“The collection that I am showing for Fashion Exchange is called ‘Magpie+Memphis’. It's really based on my memory as a teenager. I wanted to capture that sense of wonder, abandonment, courage, and joy...[with] the music of the New Wave as the starting point for the collection…This is, in a way, a personal fragmented walk down memory lane, answering questions like why I do what I do and what I love about it.The fusion of all these memories and emotions is what the collection is all about." - Rajo Laurel

Francis Libiran

“The collection that I created for Fashion Exchange International makes use of my signature Art Deco detail. I drew inspiration from my fascination for lines and structures. Being true to my design aesthetics, my creative team and I designed a collection of wearable art pieces through different detailing techniques such as embroidery, laser-cutting, custom felt appliqué, digital printing, and quilting.” - Francis Libiran

Dennis Lustico

“The Japanese culture is an endless well of inspiration...The colours and textures are often unexpected and seemingly random, but their manner of putting the elements together still results in a harmoniously beautiful creation…With that as my inspiration, I used hand-applied beads, sequins, and embellishments in my collection; together with a mix of fabrics (such as thick mesh, medium-weight satins, lamé) and techniques (like beading, cutouts, layering).” - Dennis Lustico


Want to know more about the designers and brands that showcased their collections at Fashion Exchange International? Then click here to find out more! 



Presenting an elevated form of sentimentality and precious gift-ideas, it's no wonder that PANDORA captured everyone's attention. From trinkets and charms to rings and necklaces, jewelry collections from PANDORA are much anticipated not just by fashion enthusiasts but almost anyone who knows the brand. 

This July, the Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer held an event in Singapore to celebrate two new collections as well as a new chapter in their company's history.

Keep scrolling to find out the highlights during the event!
Lush and romantic atmosphere

The delicate setup filled with stunningly arranged flowers at Pollen at Gardens by the Bay complemented PANDORA's romantic and carefully crafted jewelry pieces that exude a sense of sensuality and grace.

To complete the lush feel, a flower bar was also available to the guests, where they customised their own bespoke bouquet to take home, with a myriad of flowers to select from such as lotus, roses and blue thistles.

Collections to truly look forward to

Guests were presented with PANDORA’s prevailing extensive Ring Collection hand-finished in sterling silver and 14k gold, together with the launch of PANDORA’s Summer Collection. As an added visual treat, guests also had the chance to preview the Autumn Collection before its launch date in September.

To capture that perfect flat-lay image for Instagram, guests were also provided with specially curated props and PANDORA products to get that picture perfect image.

Charming personalities in attendance

The event was hosted by the amiable actress Oon Shu An, who brightened up the afternoon with her dynamic and lively personality while providing guests insight into PANDORA’s jewelry collections. Model Fiona Fussi, along with actress and host Liv Lo also added their personality to the event, each showcasing their individual style through PANDORA’s vast range of jewelry. 

Toasting to a new chapter

The event also celebrated a new chapter of the company’s history, with a formal announcement that PANDORA Singapore is now managed directly by the brand principal. Specially crafted cocktails and signature mocktails, each inspired by elements of flora and fauna, complemented the friendly conversations throughout the event. 

Overall, it was an exhilarating experience for people who have the same passion for exquisite jewelry and unforgettable memories.


To find out more about the PANDORA Ring Collection and Summer Collection, visit www.pandora.net.