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4 Tips On How To Lead Your Life Positively

life is always better with a dash of optimism

As much as we want to live in bliss and harmony, life can be really challenging at times. And it can take a toll on us, especially if crazy things keep stacking up. But when everything seems like a never-ending torrent of uncertainty, we're telling you that it's no reason to totally succumb to the negativity. There are definitely a lot of reasons to keep smiling despite the downs of life, and we assure you that they're quite easy to find. 

So if you've been feeling under the weather for the past days, weeks or months, don't worry! You can give your life a dash of positivity with these simple tips. 

There is no such thing as a perfect day — it will only be perfect if we choose it to be

Every day, there will be things that will make us sigh. But if we focus only on the instances that make us want to roll our eyes rather than the things that actually make us smile, the murky mood we're leaving the day with will definitely continue until we wake up the next morning.

So even if you've had one of the craziest days of your life, think about how amazing it is that you survived it and how great you are at managing this 'rollercoaster ride of a day.' That's one good note to think of before hitting the hay.

Understand the relationship between sadness and joy

Have you ever seen the Disney-Pixar movie Inside Out? If not, basically it's one of the movies that perfectly illustrate the relationship between the seemingly contrasting concepts of sadness and joy. We tend to disassociate one from the other, but we need to understand that, in reality, you can't really see the beauty if you don't feel sadness once in a while. 

Instead of feeling defeated in the face of sadness or frustration, seeing these things as motivation to strive for the better — which can translate to your own happiness in the distant future — is what you should lean towards. It can be hard, especially if you're overwhelmed with negative emotions, but do remember that once you've overcome intense sadness, it will be replaced by an immense feeling of bliss.

Give yourself time to breathe

One thing we always seem to forget, especially with the busy modern-day lifestyle we have, is to give ourselves a chance to take things slow, stop, and just breathe. Something to consider important literally and figuratively is giving yourself a moment to stand firm and think things through in the midst of all that has been going on. It is one way to meet situations with a clearer mind and a more positive outlook. 

Remember that you are the master of your fate

When we are faced with circumstances we find hard to deal with, there is a common tendency to find situations, things, and even people to blame. But we have to remember that each of our decisions has led to a series of events which has gotten us to where we are now. And if we have gotten ourselves into something that we find challenging, then surely we can also find a way to lead ourselves out of it. 

Knowing that you are the one holding your destiny will truly make you see life in a new light. That's why you have to keep in mind that you hold the map and the torch, and where you are treading will lead to another adventure. It takes true courage to face this inevitable journey called 'life,' so face it head-on with a light heart instead of a negative and resentful one.

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