4 Ways To Bling It On | Clozette

(cover photo from CocoMercy)

Accessories are underrated, but the truth is, it's as important as your clothing, shoes, and bag. It can make or break your outfit as it determines how cohesive your look is. You can either let it camouflage in your clothes or make it stand-out, creating an exceptional look that turns heads wherever you go.

With that said, here are 4 ways on how you can make your look pop by blinging it up with these accessories! 


Choose Earcuffs or Earchains

(photo from CocoMercy)

Earrings are classy and elegant but sometimes they don't really stand out. If you're stuck with this look, don't fret! You can choose something still as chic as a pair of diamond or pearl earrings like this earcuff piece. As worn by Clozette Ambassador CocoMercy, the earcuff makes the look edgy without going beyond the "chic" border. 

Add a bit of Glitter

(photo from jassiechia)

As demonstrated by Star Clozetter jassiechia, glitter can't only be put on your eyelids or lips, it can also put on your neck wrists, and fingers! That's the beauty of glitter tattoos, you can experiment with it and put in anywhere you like for an extra oomph in your arm, neck, and ring candies. 

Try Edgier Accessories

(photo from Lecinlurve)

Clozette Ambassador Lecinlurve is one of the rare fashionistas who can wear edgy accessories and work it. Add a bit of spikes, metal, leather, and make sure they complement  each other for an edgy mix-n-match look! 

Stack it up

(photo from fashbrown)

If you feel iffy about wearing chunky accessories, stick to your good 'ol minimalist jewellery pieces and stack them up nicely. That's an effortless way for your outfit to steal the scene. Try this trend today! 



(cover photo from RochelleAbella)

Last year, #CloseupForeverSummer got us jumping from the spins of international artists Alesso, Helena, Deniz Koyu and such. This year, it's going to happen all over again! At the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on 16th May (Saturday), many will witness hot EDM superstar Martin Garrix and indie pop duo, Angus & Julia Stone. It's indeed a music festival to prepare for, with great music and whole lot of fun! 

But before you hit those beats with your dance moves, here's our list of  #CloseupForeverSummer essentials so you're ready to enjoy without breaking a sweat!


Festival-Ready Outfit

(photo from RochelleAbella)

A music festival is an event where you'll be listening and dancing to music all day. It's best to wear a comfortable outfit that is ready for a lot of swaying, jumping, dancing, and walking all over the venue. We suggest you layer your favourite boho-inspired items as they are loose, cool, and stylish and skip the heels for boots, sandals, or flats. 

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Weather-proof Accessories

(photo from cristinadecena)

Despite all the weather predictions by our trusted apps and news programs, we cannot completely rely on them. After deciding what your outfit is, bring a few of these: sunnies, hat, and scarf. The sunnies will keep you stylish while protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. A hat would be great for both a sunny and drizzly weather. And lastly, your scarf can be a chic add-on for a dusty day or chilly night. 

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(photo from charleneajose)

You better get your cameras (and poses) ready because Closeup Forever Summer will surely be a festival to remember. It can either be a digital camera, polaroid camera, or camera phone. As long it does the job of recording special moments getting Instagram-worthy photos, you're good to go!

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Stylish Bag

(photo from cameyflores)

Think of the event like a music camp or a day-to-night party. You can't survive without all the stuff you need conveniently found inside your bag. Keep it stylish with a trendy-yet-roomy bag that can fit everything--camera, phone, wallet, tickets, accessories, powerbanks, etc. 

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Makeup Kit

(photo from Elaineebao)

You can't miss looking and feeling your best! Your makeup kit is the most important thing inside your bag, packed light with basic makeup touch-up items like blotting powder and lippies. Since it's also going to be a long music festival, don't forget your tube of Closeup toothpaste and spend the day getting closer for longer with fresh breath that will last through the party.

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After giving you a rundown of what to bring for your summer trips, I think it’s time to complete your checklist with exciting activities that you, your family, or friends can do this season. To be fully equipped for those trips, I will also share my ideas on what you can wear. 

Let’s get started! 


Swimming at The Beach or Pool

No summer trip is complete without hitting the beach or the pool. Let your swimsuit serve its purpose, you can do so much with it! Since swimwear comes in unique designs, you can pair it with shorts and skirts, put it under your summer dresses, and mix it with cover-ups. I paired mine with denim shorts and added a kimono as cover-up when I am not swimming.

Island Hopping

Island hopping is also an exciting activity to try when you’re going to a place like the Philippines. I actually went island hoping recently and the islands just took my breath away. Every corner was picturesque that’s why I was very happy that I got to wear a great outfit to complement the wonderful scene. 

If you plan to go island hopping I suggest you wear something comfortable that can cover you up when the sun gets crazy harsh. I wore a dress and shorts for a breezy yet “protected” look and topped it with a scarf and hat. 

Sightseeing & City Tours

If you get the chance to go sightseeing, wear something light and comfortable so that you can easily go through a day full of walking. For tours like this I wear maxi skirts or coordinates because I always find them an easy yet stylish wear. Plus, they’re also appropriate in places like churches, museum, and government venues. 

Extreme Activities

I may not look like it but I love trying out crazy activities. Why not go sand boarding, ride a 4x4 car on sand dunes, go zip lining, and such? You can even visit theme parks and try a scary roller coaster ride. You might get scared at first but trust me, after feeling the thrill you’d want to do it again and again. For activities like this, settle for something comfortable like a loose shirt, shorts, and sneakers so you can enjoy every bit of the activity.

Summer Outfits

There are a lot of things you can do this summer. Have fun and make exciting memories and outfits! Here are more outfit ideas for your summer looks. Overall, keep things light and make sure you feel comfortable because the heat tends to be unbearable. Instead of wearing dresses, shorts, and skirts you can also explore wearing rompers and coordinates. Lastly, do not be afraid to experiment with bold prints and bright colours. Wear a bold outfit and take those colorful sunnies and big hats out to complete your summer look.